3 Easy DIY Honey Walnut Milk Soap Recipe For Soft And Radiant Skin

 Walnut Milk Soap Recipe

Honey, walnut and milk are three awesome ingredients for a luxurious soap recipe. Free from synthetic substances, including artificial colors and fragrance, this all-natural soap can be easily created at home. It not only cleans your skin but also nourishes and moisturizes it. Regardless of the type of your skin, you can use this homemade soap enriched with honey, milk and walnut.

This homemade soap is an excellent alternative to the commercial moisturizing soaps. This is an excellent deep cleansing formula that helps in exfoliation apart from removing the superficial dirt. Honey present in the soap is an excellent humectant that keeps the skin hydrated. The antiseptic property of honey makes this soap ideal for fighting acne breakouts.

Here Is What You Need To Make This Wonderful Soap:

Honey, Walnut And Milk Soap Recipe


3 tablespoons of honey
12 ounces of milk, frozen or icy cold
3 ounces of ground walnut
22 ounces of olive oil
1 ounce of sunflower oil
8 ounces of coconut oil
4.3 ounces of lye
In addition to the aforementioned ingredients, you will need silicon bar mold, goggles and gloves.


Method Of Preparation

It is advisable to wear the goggles and glasses while preparing the soap. Pour the icy cold or frozen milk into a non-stick pan. Slowly pour a small amount of lye or sodium hydroxide in the milk. Stir the ingredients and again add a small amount of lye. Constantly stir the mixture to dissolve the lye. Repeat the process until the entire lye had dissolved in the milk. Now keep the pan aside.In a stainless still container blend the olive, sunflower and coconut oil. Now add the milk and lye mixture, a little at a time, into the oil and stir the ingredients.

The soap mixture will slowly start to thicken. Now add honey to the mixture and stir the ingredients. When the mixture reaches the ‘trace’, add the ground walnut to it.Quickly pour the soap mixture into the soap mold. Immediately place the mold in the freezer. Remove the soap from the freezer after 24 hours and leave it in open air. Wait for about 4 to 6 weeks for the honey, walnut and milk soap to cure.

Benefits Of Using Honey, Walnut And Milk Soap


Enriched with honey, olive oil and coconut oil, this homemade soap moisturizes the skin while cleansing. Hence, it is the ideal soap for keeping the skin soft and smooth.


Improves Complexion

Milk and walnut present in the soap help in exfoliating the dead skin cells that make the skin dull and dark. By fading the dark spots and pigmentation, this DIY soap brightens the complexion.

Improves Complexion


This homemade soap recipe contains two powerful antimicrobial ingredients – honey and coconut oil. Honey suppresses growth of pathogens including the acne causing bacteria. Coconut oil is a powerful anti-fungal agent, which protects the skin from fungal infections.