3 Beautiful Pine Cone Craft To Decorate Your Home

Giving natural touch to your home décor is a great idea, particularly during festive season. Pine cone is one such natural decoration item using which you can make hundreds of innovative crafts. Here are few easy and wonderful craft ideas that you can easily make at home with minimal effort. You can even involve your kids in this craft project and make it a fun group activity.

3 Beautiful Pine Cone Craft To Decorate Your Home

1. Pine Cone Christmas Tree

Making Christmas tree with pine cones is a very easy and fantastic idea. Making this with your kids will be great fun. You and your kids can present it to someone else also.

You Will Need:

Different sizes of Pine cones
Green acrylic paint
A pot or container
Cone-shaped foam base (size you want to make)
Wooden floral pricks
Decorative items like ribbon, bless, stars etc.

If necessary paint the container or the pot. Then spray paint the pine cones. Add glitters if you like to spark. When the pot and cones are dry, attach the foam base to the container with glue. Add pebbles to support and fill the container to prevent the tree from getting unbalanced. Insert wooden floral picks on each pine cones. Now insert each pine cone staring from the base to the top. Fix the largest pinecone at the base and smallest at the top. Add stars, bells, colored beads and other decorative material according to your choice.

Pine Cone Christmas Tree

2. Pinecone Owl Ornaments

These rustic owls could be easy and super inexpensive gifts for kids. Your kids will love these cute little owls. Here is step by step guide on how to make these cute small owls. They can be made in different shapes and sizes. They can be hanged on Christmas trees or decorate them separately for all year long.

You Will Need:

Pine cones
Twine cardboard
Glue gun

Take cardboard and cut it in round shape with 2 inches or smaller or bigger size as you like. After the cardboard is cut, cut two more round shape cardboards for making owl’s eyes. Now separate the petals of the pinecones and keep them in a bowl. Now fix then on the bigger cardboard one by one with glue. Set the last line little higher from the card. Fix the twigs with glue at the bottom. Carefully roll the twine in circle to make the eyes of the owl. Glue smaller round shaped cardboard and fix the twine in it. Repeat the same for other eye. Now take small paten of pine and fix it at the center upside down where you want to fix the eyes. Now glue the cardboard from back side and set the eyes. At the center of the twine fix two round shape small black cardboard or foam to complete the eyes. Fix a small twine at the back if you want to hang it. Now your small cute owl craft is ready to display.

Pinecone Owl Ornaments

3. Pinecone Card Holders

This is a very easy And simple project. Your will need:

Small pine cones
Safety gloves

Keep the pine cone down on a flat surface to find out how it stands and where you can give a cut. Wear the gloves and cut a slit maximum ¾ inch in the middle of the pine cones. Fix the card that you want to display in each of the slots. To make these card holders more attractive, you can spray paint the cones and glitter them beforehand allowing them to dry.

Pinecone Card Holders