20 Budget Kitchen Makeover Ideas

Kitchen Makeover Ideas

Getting your house remodeled is long term expenditure which needs to be carefully planned. Most people prefer to approach it in a phased manner. The most difficult places are the kitchen and bathrooms and these are also the most expensive areas to work with. Here are some budget ideas that can help you give a cheaper but effective facelift to your kitchens.

Refresh the Cabinet Faces

Get a fresh varnish job done on your wooden cabinets instead of redoing the entire covers and hinges. This is simply because if you just redo the faces of the cupboard then invariably you will have to pay attention to redoing the hinges which hold it together. A fresh coat of varnish gives more durability to wooden furniture and is cost effective.


Replace Door Hardware

A little goes a long way sometimes. So while you are giving a fresh coat of paint or varnish to your cabinet doors you can fill up old holes and give a new ornament in a different placement. This will transform the look of your kitchen.

Replace Door Hardware

Revamp the Countertop

Instead of completely re doing the old countertop which could be very time taking and expensive, one could paste a veneer granite looking counter top on top of the existing one to give it an almost similar granite look at the same time maintaining the budget constraints.

Revamp the Countertop

Modernize Lighting Fixtures

Accented lighting and modernized touches can revamp an entire ambience in a place. Properly placed fixtures also make the output worthwhile.

Changes in Lighting Solutions

Even the old canned style halogen light filters have been replaced with the latest state of the art and energy saving LED fixtures that add the brightness without the burden and fatigue associated with very strong lights.

Increase the Light in The Kitchen

There are various low cost lighting options available over the counter and these can be implemented easily with or without the help of an electrician. Increasing the lighting and having specific areas for brighter and dimmer lights will often give a major facelift to your kitchen.


Fresh Coat of Paint on Walls

The cooking tends to accumulate the smoke and dirt and dust around it and they tend to stick to the walls of the kitchen. So give a good whitewash to the walls or just change the wallpaper to get a spanking new kitchen.

painted kitchen

Add Character To Your Backsplash

A backsplash does not necessarily need a lot of tiles. One can mix and match and play around. One can also spray paint the tiles if they want to. It will still last long provided, it was done right.

Chic Flooring Options

Flooring can be re done with an installation on top of the existing floor with vitrified tiles, linoleum and laminates. This is definitely cost effective and also ensures that there is proper leveling in the kitchen floor.

Chic Flooring

De-clutter Kitchen Accessories

Some things don’t appeal to us always and so the numerous piling on of kitchen accessories will result in things losing focus over time. So clean up the mess and lose what you don’t need. A Clearer view of things will itself breathe life into your old kitchen.

Recycle To Give A Contemporary Feel

Recycle old countertops into new stuff or use the old cabinet faces to add detailing to some other furniture. Opt for recycled glass countertops or just use steel countertops to have a striking appeal while giving a contemporary look to your otherwise boring kitchen décor.

Color Co-ordinate

Sometimes we bring in stuff that does not match with the rest of the décor and over the years it loses its appeal and runs solely on utility purpose. Make those stray chairs uniform with the décor by painting them in the same color as the rest of the kitchen’s color palette.

Color Coordination

Stylish Accessories

Bring in stylish accessories to decorate the kitchen. They should work with the color and utility of the placement in the kitchen. It helps reflect the personality of the household.

Metal Framed Doors

Adding just a framing will add much needed character to the décor. So while aluminum table tops are in vogue then modular kitchen drawers would look equally good with their lovely aluminum borders and framing.

Metal Framed Doors

Annual Maintenance Contracts for Machines

Make sure your water filters and chimneys are attended to regularly. From a budget makeover aspect, this will reduce any chances of over spending in this department in future. Any replacements will be a carefully chalked out and planned procedure. Make sure you buy only energy starred appliances.

Create Space In A Smaller Kitchen

Create a space by adding levels of open cabinets with just adding open shelves at adjustable heights within reach. This will open up storage space as well as change the cluttered look of a small kitchen. To add further depth one can also give it a look similar to the main kitchen slab as they will then resemble extensions of the common slab.

Smaller Kitchen

Give Importance To The Ceiling Too

A fun twist to the ceiling will bring about a different hue to the kitchen the moment you change it. This can be achieved within a budget with various options of laminates.


Cut Out The Noise

Install soft hinges and glides that close softly and don’t make the slamming noises. This will add a necessary bout of sophistication to your kitchen décor at a very doable price.

Create Built In Storage

Make your own wine cellar within your kitchen by just customizing the furniture and tweaking it to accommodate some pockets to show off your kitschy artifacts or just use it to flaunt your growing taste in fine Chardonnays.

Storage In Kitchen

Make Every Inch Count

Create the best means of storage and convenience by using mounted shelves on the doors. These are wasted spaces that can be perfectly utilized for storing your spices and oils close at hand.
So the next time you are musing about the budget constraints and giving your kitchen a new look you can give all the above tips a good thought.