16 Most Creative Ironing Board Designs


Ironing Board Designs

One can never imagine the fact that there are a number of cool and quirky ironing board designs which are available in the world. While being aesthetically appealing, they are also great for practical use.

Listed Below Are Some Of The Most Creative Ironing Board Designs Available:

The Feinraus Ironing Design

This kit comes along with an ironing mat that holds an iron when not in use. It also ensures cordless ironing and is conducive to a range of textiles, thereby helping you out when you need to iron those stubborn cotton fabrics.

Feinraus Ironing Design

The 360 Ironing Board

The ironing board rotates 360 degrees, saving you the trouble of flipping the trouser or the shirt over all the time when ironing.  It can also be stored easily without much hassle.

360 Ironing Board

Ahrmadilo Ironing Board

This ironing board design comes with a flexible iron as well as an ironing board that can be adjusted to suit your needs.

Ahrmadilo Ironing Board

Folding Iron Board with Tables and Chairs

This ironing board also doubles as a chair and table thereby giving you the option of sitting down and ironing if you so wish especially for those that cannot stand for too long when ironing.

Folding Iron Board

The Rotating Board

This ironing board comes with a rotating caddy that revolves at the back of the board. The chord container ensures a tangle-free cord so that you do not have to worry about getting entangled when ironing.

Rotating Board

The Multipurpose Board

You can choose one of the five components when ironing. A knob at the side of the board allows you to part the board to make ironing easy. The sides of the board extend to make ironing shirts easy.

Multipurpose IRONING Board


The folding screen of the ironing board can double as a library to store books, a mirror, an ironing board and racks. Thus, it gives you the option of saving on space too.

Multifaceted IRONING Board

The Magnet Iron Mat

This ironing board comes with a quilted ironing mat that gives you the surface for you to iron. The top of the clothes dryer is fastened by strong magnets that keep it in place.

Magnet Iron Mat

The Coffee Table-cum- Ironing board

This ironing board also doubles as a coffee table. It hides the iron and comes with a cup holder. You can enjoy a cup of coffee while you iron – how cool is that?

coffee table cun iron bed

The Ironing Blanket

This option is a better alternative to the ironing board as it can be carried wherever you go. It is also energy-efficient and will save you from spending on electricity bills.

Ironing Blanket

The Mirror Ironing Board

This handy design can hold all the essential ironing equipment and is built behind the mirror. Once done ironing, you can admire yourself in the mirror.

Mirror Ironing Board

The Suction Cup Ironing Board

The suction cups that come along with this ironing board makes it possible for it to attach tonon-porous surfaces. Therefore, it can also be adjusted to any height.

Suction Cup Ironing Board

The Foldable Ironing Board

Once you use this ironing board, it can be folded and stored away easily. Therefore, it has beendesigned for quick access and is stylish too.

Foldable Ironing Board

The Ironing Drawer

This prevents you from lifting your ironing board. It can be fixed in a vanity, a cupboard or a drawer.

Ironing Drawer

Tabletop Ironing Board

This ironing board can be easily folded for storage purposes and can be placed on the table when ironing.

Tabletop Ironing Board

The Ladder Ironing Board

This ladder also serves the function as a cool ironing board; it is also easy to store.

Ladder Ironing Board