15 Super Clever Bedroom Storage Ideas


Bedroom Storage Ideas

Present day bedrooms are getting smaller in size and the demand for more storage is ever increasing. To increase the storage spaces in your bedroom try these simple and clever ideas.

Here are Some Clever Bedroom Storage Ideas

Place a Vintage Suitcase

Place an old vintage suitcase on the end of your bed. It will add an edge to the entire décor and act as an extra storage for all the practical details you want to tuck away from sight.


High Rise Bed

Another interesting idea for added storage in your bedroom is opting for a high-rise bed.  Get drawers built under the bed for extra storage. The extra height will give you added space to store your things in a well-organized manner.

raise bed

Hidden Shelves

You can always build shelves behind your bed to store your books and other things. To hide the clutter away, hang decorative curtains in front of the shelves that can be easily drawn as and when required.

hidden shelves

Overhead Cabinets

Install cabinets over the headboard of your bed. The cabinets will give you ample storage space and the dent created will make our room feel cozier. Add light fittings beneath the cabinets for an added drama.


Under Bed Storage

Make maximum use of the ample storage beneath your bed. One option is to get a bed with box with built in storage system. Another way is to get pull out drawers installed on all the sides. The drawers are easily accessible whenever you want and they keep your things neatly hidden away from normal sight.

Under Bed Storage

Plan Your Closet

Optimal use of the closet space is very important. When getting a closet made, pre-plan how much hanging space you need, the number of drawers that are required and the varied depth of each. Proper closet planning gives you the opportunity to make the most out of the space without much hassle.

use of closet

Floating Night Stand

Mount your nightstand on the wall. The extra space saved below can be used to stash away books, shoes or a basket full of small little nick-knacks.

Floating Night Stand

Hanging Shelves

In a small bedroom, ceiling is the limit to storage. Mount wall shelves on the wall to make storage of books and other sundries well organized and within reach. For a little extra space you can extend these wall mounts from one end of the room to the other.

Hanging Shelves

Utilize Deep Window Sills

Take advantage of the deep window sills in your bedroom. Use it as a nightstand, if it is next to your bed. You can even use it to store your night quilts and pillows. The sunlight from the windows will even keep the pillows fresh forever!

Window Sills

Use Wicker Baskets

Place wicker baskets under your bed to store your clothes, shoes, books in a well-organized and easy to find manner. Using wicker basket adds a warm and earthy touch to your room.

Wicker Baskets

Build Around Your Bed

Utilize the space around your headboard to take care of your storage needs. Build shelves or cabinets on the sides as per your requirements for storing books, decorative or bedtime necessities.


Rolling Clothes Closet

Another interesting way to increase the storage space is to invest in roll out cabinets. These easy to pull out cabinets have ample storage space and hide behind chic walls.

Rolling Clothes Closet

Secret Headboard Storage

Convert your bed’s headboard into a storage space. Store your books, reading glasses etc within your reach every time you retire to bed.

headboard storage

Floorboard Storage

Convert your floorboard into an easy storage unit. Keep about one foot space between your floor and floorboard. Use the space as extra storage to keep your things.

floorboard storage

PVC Shoe Sack

Make stackable shoe racks with PVC pipe cutouts. Stack them against a bedroom wall for an interesting look and simple storage.

PVC Shoe Sack

Try the ideas which suit you and bid adieu to space crunches in your bedroom.