15 Clever Ideas For A Tiny Bathroom


tiny bathroom ideas

Tiny bathrooms can be a problem due to lack of space and option. However, with a little smart thinking you can easily convert it into an interesting and user-friendly option.

Here Are Some Clever Ideas For A Tiny Bathroom

Open Shower

Ditch the space occupying bath cubicle and give way to open showers. Installing an open shower panel saves you precious space in your small bathroom. However, do remember to take in to account the extra waterproofing measures like installing tiles from floor to ceiling.

Open Shower


Smart Built-ins

Many old homes have plenty of nooks and crannies, which may seem as a wasteful space in your bathroom. Get creative and use the dead space as additional storage. For example, convert an interior wall in the bathroom into a cabinet where you can keep your extra towels and bathroom supplies.

Smart Built-ins


Adding Mirrors

Probably the oldest trick in the book, but adding mirrors to small spaces works wonders. This holds true even for tiny bathrooms. Install a corner mirror in your bathroom to create an illusion of a larger space.  It is especially effective if there is limited natural light in your bathroom.

Mirrors in bathroom


Installing Wall Cabinets

Making smart use of limited space is the key for a tiny bathroom. Installing neat wall cabinets to store bathroom supplies is a great way to give it an organized and clutter free look.

Wall Cabinets


Building a Storage Tower

Another interesting way to organize a small bathroom smartly is by building a lean storage tower at one end. The floor to ceiling cabinet can keep the clutter away and yet add a sense of style to the small space.

Storage Tower


Use the Cabinet Door’s Back

Store your lightweight makeup supplies at the back of your cabinet’s door. Attach stick-on storage containers on the door’s back and use them to store your make-up supplies like mascara, nail paint, tooth brushes etc.

Cabinet Doors Back


Add a Ladder

Place a ladder in your bathroom. Not only will it add character to the small space, it can dual up as a multiple towel hanger. Another way to use a ladder is to convert it into a multi-level storage unit.

ladder in bathroom


Install a Pull Out Shelf

Another smart way to keep your small bathroom chic and user-friendly is by installing narrow pull out shelf at one end. These pull out shelves are a great way to store all your bathroom supplies in a well-organized manner. Keeping it away from the sight also makes your bathroom look more spacious.

Pull Out Shelf


Storage Under The Sink

Make use of the space below your sink to store your extra bath towels, paper rolls etc. Install a cabinet below your sink and tuck away the extra supplies for your bathroom neatly.



Towel Racks On The Bathroom Doors

Get a multiple towel rack installed at the back of your bathroom door. It will keep your towels away from the moisture. You can even use it to hang dry clothes.

Towel Racks On Doors

Shelf Above The Door

Consider installing a shelf above the door to make use of the extra space overhead. You can use this place to keep away your guest towels, old magazine or the surplus bathroom supplies.

Shelf Above The Door

An Extra Shower Rod

Install an extra shower rod to hang out your bath utilities. Place your daily utilities like your face wash, shower gels, soaps etc., in small baskets and hang them on the extra shower rod.

Extra Shower Rod

Wooden Crates Storage

Paint wooden crates in fresh hues like orange, green, pink and stack the one on top of the other randomly against a blank wall. The crates will give you ample storage space while the fresh colors will add character to the small space.

Wooden Crates Storage

Basket Wall

Install multiple rods at regular intervals on a blank wall. Hang colorful or monochrome baskets to store different supplies and towels you need. Not only they are an interesting sight , they are also easy to clean and maintain.

basket on wall

Try an Oval Sink

Replace the rectangular basin with an oval shaped sink. The shape gives the vanity area a softer and classier look and even adds more space on the counter.

oval sink

Your tiny bathroom will no more boring and unfriendly once you try these clever ideas.