15 Brilliant Ways You Can Use Toothpaste


toothpaste uses

Did you know that the humble tube of white toothpaste in your bathroom can be a jack-of-all-trades? Apart from cleaning teeth, it will come in handy to plug holes, remove scratches and stains, to get rid of odor, even reduce burns and zap zits. Whether you have a huge stock of toothpaste from a sale or you are left with that one last tube, these smart tips will help you to put them to good use.

Plug Holes In The Wall:

You are re-arranging your interiors and have moved your pictures and wall hangings. What about the ugly nail holes left behind? Just fill the holes with toothpaste, even out with a paper towel and leave to dry. Be sure to paint over the filling later to match the wall color.

filling toothpaste

Clean Stains On Carpet And Upholstery:

Dab toothpaste over stains in your carpet and upholstery and scrub gently. Use an abrasive scrubber if it is a stubborn stain. Then rinse off well.

toothpaste for carpet

Polish Ceramic And Glassware:

Toothpaste is excellent to clean glass and ceramic surfaces. You can use it to shine everything from your bathroom sink to your car headlights. Foggy swimming goggles, mirrors, computer and television screens, glass or induction cook tops, scratches on CDs and DVDs – clean all these and more with toothpaste and a lint-free buffing cloth.

cleaning glass

Polish Metal Artifacts And Jewelry:

Polishing your silver and diamond jewelry and other metal collectibles is a breeze with a dash of toothpaste. Just apply a little on the surface and wipe clean after a few minutes. Leave it overnight for better results. Caution: Do not use on pearls.

polishing jwellery

Remove Burnt Crust From Iron:

Burnt crust on the bottom of overused irons can be removed with toothpaste. Just apply over the crust and scrub well. Wipe clean with a towel.

Burnt Crust From Iron

Remove Crayon Scribbles On The Wall:

Are your walls full of crayon art courtesy your little one? Just dab toothpaste all over and scrub gently. Remember to test a small area first, as toothpaste has bleaching properties.

Remove Crayon Scribbles

Clean Nails:

Here is a quick manicure idea. Rub a little toothpaste underneath your fingernails for a sparkling look.

Clean Nails

De-odorize Hands After Handling Smelly Food:

Rub your hands with toothpaste and rinse with water after handling smelly food like onions, garlic or fish. You have a fresh pair of hands to greet your guests!

rub hands with toothpaste

Soothe Burns:

Suffered a small burn in the kitchen while handling hot pans? Apply a little toothpaste and leave it overnight. Repeat for a day or two if necessary.


Zap Zits:

Do you have a party to attend in a couple of days, but have just spotted a zit rearing its head on your face? Help is at hand with your toothpaste. Apply a little around the ugly spot and let it dry overnight to fasten the healing.

face care

Emergency Substitute For Hair Gel:

If you are out of hair gel and need to fix your hair, fear not. Just work a little toothpaste into your hair to keep it in place. Shampoo it off next day!

Remove Stains On Shoes:

A little toothpaste and gentle scrubbing will make scratches and scruff marks on shoes vanish. This also works on leather accessories like belts and bags.

remove stains on shoes

Polish Chrome Fittings:

Buff up your chrome fittings like door handles, faucets and other decorative elements with a dab of toothpaste on a piece of cloth or paper towel.

Polish Chrome Fittings

Remove Soap Scum, Coffee Or Water Stains:

Remove coffee or water stains on your tables by gently scrubbing with toothpaste. Soap scum in your bathtub and shower doors can also be cleared this way.

Remove Soap Scum

Get Chewing Gum Out Of Hair/clothes:

Chewing gum stuck in the hair or your precious woolens? Cover the gum with toothpaste and leave it overnight. The gum will gradually loosen and come off without much trouble!

Remember to use only plain white toothpaste. The colored or gel types will leave you with more work in your hands! If you have your own smart tips to use toothpaste, please share in the comments section.

remove Chewing Gum