15 Amazing Ways To Reuse Empty Pill Bottles


15 Amazing Ways To Reuse Empty Pill Bottles

Are you wondering what to do with those empty pill bottles? Instead of throwing those plastic bottles away, reuse them. You will be surprised by the various simple ways these bottles can be used to make your life easier.

15 Amazing Ways To Reuse Empty Pill Bottles:

Store Jewelry:

Store your jewelry sets separately in each bottle. So, the next time you will not have to hunt for that matching pair of earring. You will have the whole set in your pill bottle.

Store Jewelry

Shampoo And Conditioner Storage:

When you travel, instead of carrying around bottles of shampoo and conditioner, just take how much ever you need in pill bottles. This will definitely make you travel lighter.

Shampoo And Conditioner Storage

Nail Polish Remover:

Just soak some cotton balls in nail polish remover and store them in the pill bottles. This will come in handy when you want to remove your nail polish in a hurry. Just stick your finger in the pill bottle and twist.

Nail Polish Remover

Makeup Organizer:

You can keep your mascara, eyeliner, etc. in pill bottles and neatly organize your dresser. This will also make it easier for you when you apply makeup.

Makeup organizer


All those old crayons can be made into one big new crayon. Yes, take all the old crayons and remove the wrapper. Now, take similar colored crayons and melt them by taking them in a bowl and keeping it on boiling water. Pour the melted crayons into a pill bottle and wait till it sets. Now, do the same for all the other colored crayons. In the end, you will have one big multi-colored crayon that doesn’t break easily.


Sewing Kit:

All your buttons and needles can be organized and stored easily using pill bottles. Just label the pill bottles so that you know what is stored in them and you do not mistake a button for a pill in a hurry.

Sewing kit

Child Proof Storage:

Pill bottles are usually child proof and are ideal for storing items like pins that you do not want your child to get their hands on.

Child Proof Storage

Vitamin Supplements:

If you take vitamin supplements regularly, you can use a pill bottle to carry them when you travel. Just take how much ever pills you need for your travel instead of lugging around the whole bottle.

Vitamin Supplements

First Aid Kit:

You can make a handy first aid kit using a pill bottle. Just keep some pain killers, band aids, cotton, alcohol disinfecting wipes in your pill bottle. This can be easily carried around in your handbag.

First Aid Kit

Handy Trash Can:

Instead of treating your handbag as a trash can, you can use a pill bottle to store all the candy wrappers and receipts. Just empty out the pill bottle once in a while.

Handy Trash Can

Earphone Storage:

Do you struggle to remove the earphones from your bag? It can be tiring to remove all the knots and tangles from the earphones each time you want to use them. Instead, use a pill bottle to store your earphones and keep it in your bag.

Earphone Storage

Store Your Coins:

You can store the coins in a pill bottle to use them easily. Otherwise, they end up being scattered in the bag which makes it difficult to use them.

Store Your Coins

Pet Toy:

Put some bells in a pill bottle and make a toy for your pet. Your pet will love the sounds made when they play with the bottle.

Pet Toy

Feel Good Candy:

Throw in some candies in a pill bottle and give them to your friends to lift their spirits. You can also make a label giving fun dosage and paste it on the bottle.

Feel Good Candy

Flower Vase:

Make a single flower vase using a pill bottle. Just remove the labels and spray paint the bottle with metallic paint. Drill a hole on the lid and stick some colorful beads around the lid. That’s it, your cute little flower vase is ready.

Flower Vase