13 Simple Steps To Make Liquid Castile Soap At Home

 Make Liquid Castile Soap At Home

Liquid castile soap is basically a dilute skin friendly soap that is devoid of any skin harming chemicals. It is absolutely herbal and gluten free. It is made by infusing various herbal and essential oils with mild soothing fragrances. Though you can find liquid castile soaps in the market, but it is equally easier to make your own customized castile soap at home. It wouldn’t just save your money, it will also give you the freedom of using one or various oils and experiment with different fragrances of your own choice.

The preparation time would vary from 4 to 6 hours. Having said that, have a look at the 13 simple steps we have listed for you to make liquid castile soap at home.

1. Heat A Cooker:

First of all, it is fine if you don’t have a crockpot. A simple cooker, pan or broiler will be equally efficient. The only difference will be of the preparation time. Crockpot will take about 4 hours and cooker/pan may take up to 6 hours. Having said that, heat the cooker in sim flame for about 15 minutes. Do not heat it to the point where it starts burning. You can keep adding drops of water to save the cooker from burning. You can also grease the cooker to ditch burning.

Heat A Cooker

2. Mix Essential Oils:

In the meantime while the cooker is getting heated, take essential oil. You can use one or more essential or aroma oils for making liquid castile soap. The best is mixing almond oil and coconut oil together, until the two turns to one single solution. You can also use peppermint oil if you want to make a liquid castile soap that will give a mild cooling effect when applied.

Mix Essential Oils

3. Add The Oil Mixture In Pan:

Let the cooker cool down for 5 minutes. Now slowly start adding the oil mixture in the preheated cooker. You should ideally start by adding a teaspoon of oil and follow it up with a tablespoon, and then the rest of the oil. It saves the oil as well as you from burning. You should also wear heat gloves for extra safety.

Add The Oil Mixture In Pan

4. Stir The Solution Without Flaming For 2 To 3 Minutes:

It is essential to heat the oil in high constant temperature, but not at the risk of burning it, especially if you have just started making a liquid castile soap at home by yourself. So, stir the oil blend vigorously in the preheated pan for 2 to 3 minutes, and then place the cooker on flame. Do not flame the cooker immediately. Start by stirring the solution in sim, turning to medium and then full.

Stir The Solution Without Flaming For 2 To 3 Minutes

5. Mix Glycerin, Distilled Water And Rose Water:

While the oil solution starts boiling, you should begin with your next step. Take equal proportions, about 1 teaspoon each, of glycerine, lye, distilled water and rose water in a bowl, and beat the mixture well.

Mix Glycerin, Distilled Water And Rose Water

6. Let The Mixture Turn Thick:

Add the distilled water, glycerin, lye and rose water mixture to the oil solution and beat them well. Start heating them in sim flame. Keep on blending them, until the mixture turns as thick as a dough. If the mixture isn’t thick, it isn’t yet ready. Stir this mixture gently, while in flame, until it turns somewhat thicker. Now remove it from the flame and let it cool down to warm.

Let The Mixture Turn Thick

7. Add Honey To The Mixture:

Switch the flame to medium and continuously beat the solution. It will turn as coarse as grain particles initially, but within 10 minutes of constant stirring, the mixture will soon start resembling the texture of a thick gel based moisturizer. At this time, add honey to the mixture. This is an optional step though. It basically makes your liquid castile soap antiseptic and antibacterial.

Add Honey To The Mixture

8. Add Milk Cream To The Mixture:

If you want to use the liquid castile soap for hair as well as detoxification purposes later on, add raw milk cream to it during this stage. Milk cream will later on work as a mild conditioner and exfoliator that will cleanse your scalp against dandruff and your body against dryness. You can also use this solution then for a head massage before shampooing.

Add Milk Cream To The Mixture

9. Let It Boil:

Stir the mixture until the creamy texture melts to that of water. Now leave the mixture alone and undisturbed for 5 to 7 minutes. It gives the lye a chance to settle down well and turn into non synthetic ingredient that no more remains harmful to the skin. You can add honey in this stage as well.

 Let It Boil

10. Do A Spoon Test:

Let the liquid castile soap cool down first. Now it will be having a jelly like texture. To ensure that the concentrated soap is cooked well, take 1 teaspoon of the soap and add it in normal distilled water. Do not stir, if the gel melts in the water completely, it is well cooked and ready. If it leaves chunks behind, flame it more.

Do A Spoon Test

11. Store The Freshly Made Soap:

The soap isn’t yet ready to be used. You need to store it in room temperature in an airtight clean jar for around 15 to 20 days.

Store The Freshly Made Soap

12. Dilute It:

Once stored for 20 days, take out the jar and scoop about half a bowl gel. Take normal distilled water in another bowl and slowly start adding the gel in water. Let it start melting. You can use a sim flame to let the soap melt faster. Add the gel slowly until you get the liquid soap of your desired consistency.

Dilute It

13. Add Scent To It:

You can divide the liquid castile soap in two to three proportions if you want multiple liquid soaps having different fragrances. Add your desired scent like rose, Jasmine, lemongrass and so on to the warm liquid soap and beat it in a pan for 2 to 4 minutes. Let the soap cool down before you pour it in a bottle and start using it.

Do not expect the liquid castile soap that you will get after diluting to lather. It is a skin friendly soap free cleanser that will remain transparent while cleansing your hands, scalp and even skin. It will be non sticky and non greasy though.

Add Scent To ItAdd Scent To It

By following the given 13 steps precisely, you will have your long lasting herbal liquid soap that will also save you from infections and will moisturize your skin.