13 Amazing Ideas For A Hotel Inspired Bedroom For Your Home

Inspired Bedroom For Your Home

We all love staying in hotels as we have an extremely relaxed and a luxurious stay there. We often wish to have rooms in our home which are as luxurious and grand as in hotels. Our bedrooms are one of the most important places and rooms in our home where we spend ample time when we are at home. We love lazing around and chilling in our bedroom. It is always a great idea to have a bedroom which is grand and hotel like. There are some amazing ideas in which you can give your bedroom a hotel room look. These look absolutely wonderful and eye catching. Some of the amazing and appealing ideas for a lovely hotel inspired bedroom for your home have been mentioned below.

These Are Some Amazing Ideas For A Lovely Hotel Like Bedroom Ideas For Your Home.

1. Wallpaper

The wallpaper in your bedroom plays q very crucial role in giving your bedroom the perfect look. You can use subtle and light colour wallpaper for your room if you don’t want to give the bedroom a very loud look to your bedroom. You shall try not to go overboard with the look of the wallpaper and simply stick to a wall for the wallpaper.


2. Space

For a hotel like bedroom you need to make sure that there is ample and adequate space in your bedroom. It shall be a spacious bedroom with not too many things in it. You shall try not to stuff too many things and give it a clumsy or an overcrowded look. If you don’t have enough space then you shall try to keep very few things in the room to give it ample empty space.


3. Pillows

Pillows are one of the most important and the most needed things in a hotel inspired bedroom. They give you a comfortable and luxurious time in your bedroom. You can also choose to have a variety of pillows in your bedroom ranging from a number of sizes, looks and shapes. You shall make sure that all the pillows which you choose are extremely comfortable and keep you in ease and comfort.


4. Large Bed

For every bedroom the bed is the most important and the main thing in the room. If it were not for beds a bedroom would never be called what it is. For a bedroom which has a look of the hotel like bedroom you shall make sure that the bed is a large and luxurious one. It shall be a king size bed as they call it. You can also have the bed slightly elevated and you shall also make sure that the bed is hugely comfortable.

 Large Bed

5. Curtains

The curtains in a bedroom give your bedroom a very grand and a rich look. These days there are a varieties of curtains which are available in a number of styles and looks and you shall try to use them in your bedroom. You can use the drape style curtains for a stylish look or stick to the simple curtains for a simpler look. You shall make sure that your curtains are extremely neat and clean.


6. Luxurious Chair

A luxurious chair is a great way to add luxury and a hotel like look to the bedroom. You can pick a lovely chair which looks grand has a luxurious comfort level. There are a variety of such amazing chairs which are available in the market and which instantly catch your eyes. These amazing pieces will change the way your room looks.

Luxurious Chair

7. Stools

Stools are one of the must have accessories in your room if you want a room which is similar to that of a hotel. You can place the stool near the bed and this will give a lovely look to your bedroom. There are a number of sizes and looks available in the stools and you can pick the one which you feel is the best and has the most amazing look.


8. Bed Lamps

Bed lamps are an important feature in a hotel bedroom. There are a a large number of simple and stylish bed lamps which are available in the market. You can pick the one which goes well with your room and the one which is the best for your side table as well.

Bed Lamps

9. Frames

The walls of your room shall not be left blank as they give the room a very incomplete look. You can add some wonderful frames to the wall to enhance the look of your room and to make it look much more attractive and eye pleasing. The frames are a great way to fill your walls and give your room a better and complete look.


10. Mirror

Mirror is one of the most popular and important things in your bedroom. Many of us spend hours in front of the mirror in our bedroom. You can have a large mirror which has a very grand and appealing look places beautifully in one of the walls of your bedroom. This will give your bedroom a beautiful and an eye pleasing look.


11. Carpet

Carpets add a rich, stylish and a very elegant look to your bedroom. There are a number of classy and absolutely magnificent carpets which are available and you can choose one absolutely stunning carpet for your bedroom. You can choose carpets with designs or the solid colour carpets. You shall always go for a carpet which goes well with the interiors of your bedroom.


12. Small Study

A bedroom which is similar to that of a hotel room shall definitely have a small study. The study does not have to be very luxurious or grand or very elaborate. You can place a small study table which is accompanied with a chair and small lamp. You can work there comfortably at any time. You shall always remember to keep the study table absolutely neat and clean and not messed up.

Small Study

13. Headboard

Headboards are a great way to add luxury and comfort to your bed. They also provide support and rest. These days there are a number of amazing and extremely luxurious headboards which are available for your beds. You can choose the cushion headboard which is extremely soft and comfortable. This will make your stay in the bedroom much more luxurious and comfortable.