12 Weird And Wonderful Features You’ll Wish You Had In Your Garden


You can enrich your Terrace in easygoing, exquisite, extravagance, provincial or some other style. Same way porch patio nursery is another style explanation for wonderful houses. It makes your home delightful as well as conveys greenery to your home alongside peace, quiet, joy and crisp oxygen as well. The most vital thing which is required before arranging a porch greenery enclosure is that the rooftop top of your home ought to be exceptionally strong and even. So in this editorial, we have come up with 12 Weird and Wonderful Features You’ll Wish You Had in Your Garden.

Some Of The Weird And Wonderful Features You’ll Wish You Had In Your Garden Are:

1. A Tree Structure

I just love harry potter! And having an imaginative and creative tree structure on the garden is amazing. This tree structure can be funny or scary; it wills all depends on you!

A tree structure

2. Hanging Bed

Who don’t love the hanging bed in the garden? I love sleeping under the stars and spending Sundays in the gardens in between the trees. Yes! And what if we have a hanging bed in mid of the trees? Yes! You will love it. So the hanging bed is a feature is in my wish list for sure.

Hanging bed

3. Bath Tub

Yes! Bathing under the sky where you are watched by no one is super fun! I always want an authentic bath tub in the garden area and surrounding with candles and showers that you can use anytime of the day. You can too add music system here as well. It all depends on your creativity (wink)

Bath tub

4. Outdoor Theater

Just imagine, you have a theater outside the house in your garden with soft and cozy foldable beds! You can spend whole night with family and friends under the sky watching your movies with popcorns. The only concern is with the rain and connection with the projectors. But if that happens, that will be super cool.

Outdoor theater

5. Hot Tub

When we talk about garden in the house, we are talking about the privacy! Yes, and the hot tub is must feature to be added in your garden area where your neighbors cannot watch you. Hot tub is super romantic when we talk about newly weeded couple.

Hot tub

6. Fountain

A fountain with beautiful lights and stones are best to add in the gardens. You can install any fountain you want in the size, designs and colors.


7. Tree Chair

Have you ever imagine a tree chair in your garden? No! Well you can now. This tree chair is very unique and can make your garden stand out in the crowd (wink) who want to add chairs in the gardens? Yes! You can simply imagine how your garden can look all more dream like with this tree chair?

Tree chair

8. Tree House

Tree house is beautiful and always adds beauty of the garden. Yes. Who don’t want a tree house in the garden with pretty windows and graphics that can make you back into the childhood? Hang them with artificial birds or witches; it is all depends on your creativity guys!

Tree house

9. Hanging Tent

When we talk about the wonderful things to be added in the garden, then you cannot ignore the hanging tent. Yes, it is easy to install and very important if you love to do the yoga!

Hanging tent

10. Fire Pit

We all love to have night fire with friends and play games with them. What if we have fire pit in the gardens and you can throw party on every weekend to keep you trending in the groups. Yes! This idea is super cool and makes your garden a hot spot for friends to meet up.

Fire pit

11. Trampoline Pool

There is no child in this world who doesn’t love Trampoline Pool. So if you have a garden, then having a Trampoline Pool is a must in your list. Just having trees and plants in your garden will not make your garden super cool. Just invest little more money and get the Trampoline Pool installed to keep it best place for your kids to enjoy.

Trampoline Pool

12. Swimming Pool Looks Like A Pond

Last but not the least in my list! Yes the swimming pool that looks like a pond must be in your garden that gives you a privilege to go to the beach each weekend. Yes! If you can have this feature in your garden, I can bet no one can beat you in the beauty of the garden!

Swimming pool looks like a pond