12 Ways To Decorate The Porch

A Porch is an area outside the house that is still connected to it through frame walls, windows or any other structure that touches the building. It can also be considered an area from where people enter and exit the house. The design, structure, and architecture of porch are important as it makes the house look beautiful. Some people use the porch for keeping chairs and seats for guests who enter the house. It is a place where people remove their work clothes and shoes outside the house so that the house is clean inside. Usually, the porch is covered so that rain, dust and sunlight doesn’t enter the house. Decorating the porch helps in improving its look and appeal. There are many ways to decorate the porch and make it attractive. We will give some tips for this. Use our tips and ideas to improve the porch of your home and make it a welcoming entryway for the guests. Following are the 12 ways to decorate the porch.

Here Are 12 Ways To Decorate The Porch:

1. Hang A Swinging Daybed

If you live in a beach style house, you can consider hanging a swinging daybed on the porch area. Use it for entertaining the guests at home. Place a tablecloth over the bed for covering it. Add pillows to the bed for added comfort.

Hang A Swinging Daybed

2. Make A Lake Style Porch With Logs

A lake house situated near a water body can be decorated with wooden logs. Make the porch out of logs of wood. Place a folding table in the center of the porch and keep chairs all around it. Buy wicker chairs for this porch. Fix string lights of the top roof. Choose antique folding table.

Make A Lake Style Porch With Logs

3. Surround The Porch With A Wooden Fence

Many people prefer privacy in their homes. For this, turn the porch into a private place by surrounding it with a fence. A fence made with wood is quite good. Place table and chairs in the porch for the guests. If you like to cook outdoors, add a grill in the porch.

Surround The Porch With A Wooden Fence

4. Add Plants In The Porch

Bring some greenery and natural life to the porch by adding plants in this area. Place containers with flowering plants on both sides of the porch. Geraniums look very nice in the outdoor area. Place pots with herbs like rosemary. Apart from this, you can also place containers with evergreen plants in the porch.

Add Plants In The Porch

5. Hang Bright Curtains In The Porch

Use curtains in the porch to block out sunlight and dust. Use curtains with bright colors and attractive prints. Floral prints are quite good for this. Use rings for hanging curtains from rods. Buy readymade curtains or use your sewing skills to sew the curtains.

Hang Bright Curtains In The Porch

6. Add A Fireplace In The Porch

Adding a fireplace in the porch is a good idea especially for enjoying the outdoor area when the weather is cold during winters. Place rocking chairs in the porch. Surround the fireplace with several chairs for the whole family. Use upholstered chairs and add cushions to them. Decorate the side table with flowers.

Add A Fireplace In The Porch

7. Use Hardy Furniture And Upholstered Chairs

Use hardy furniture in the porch that is not affected by harsh weather conditions. Use metallic lamps. For this, you can use wire baskets. To protect the lamp from storms and rain, fill oyster shells inside it. Upholster the chairs with fabric that withstands all types of weather conditions.

Use Hardy Furniture And Upholstered Chairs

8. Hang A Hammock In The Porch With Cushions

Turn your garden shed into an attractive porch by hanging a hammock for resting and lying down in comfort and style. Decorate the porch with lanterns placed on the floor. Place colored and striped cushions on the hammock. The outdoor area looks very nice with this.

Hang A Hammock In The Porch With Cushions

9. Make An Open Porch With A Sea Style Decoration

If you live near a sea, make an open porch with sea style decoration. Place a picnic table in the outdoor area. For a sea theme décor, use tablecloths and cushion covers having sea motifs of fish, water plants, coral reef and other sea features. Use benches without a back support for an open view.

Make An Open Porch With A Sea Style Decoration

10. Display Plants On A Rolling Cart

Use a rolling cart for displaying plants in the porch area. Place pots, containers and trays with flowering plants in the cart. Change the pots every season with seasonal plants and flowers. Add some decorative items to the cart to enhance its beauty and looks.

Display Plants On A Rolling Cart

11. Place Table Lamp In The Porch

Decorate the porch with a table lamp just as you decorate the living room. Place a big sized table lamp in the side table on the porch. Keep some chairs with the table. Use the lamp to get some light at night after sunset.

Place Table Lamp In The Porch

12. Use Dining Table 

Use the porch as a dining room so that the family members and guests can enjoy food and dine in style in an outdoor area. Place a dining table on the porch surrounded by several chairs. Make a chandelier with an unused ladder. Fix lights in mason jars and fix them on a ladder. Hang the ladder on top of the porch like a chandelier.

Use Dining Table