12 Insanely Clever Organization And Storage Ideas Using Reuse Items


Repurposed Items

Searching for an easy and cheap storage solution for your house? By making creative use of old household items you can easily expand the storage space in your home. There are numerous thrifty ways of storing and organizing household items with old things such as shutters, old suitcases, ladders, doors and more that are readily available in your home. Unfortunately most of us ignore these old items gathering dust in our house. 

Here Are Some Interesting Ideas For Organizing Your Home :

Shutters As Mail Storage

You can easily resolve your storage problems by making creative use of old shutters. Use the slats for organizing mails, newspapers and cards and attach few hooks to the shutter frame to hang keys and other small items.

Shutters As Mail Storage

Shower Caddy As Portable Storage

Here is a portable storage solution using a shower caddy. It can be used for organizing magazines, books, CDs, reading glasses and other essential items. You can carry it anywhere in your house.

Portable Storage Solution

Vintage Suitcase As Medicine Cabinet

Here is a clever idea of repurposing vintage suitcases. Add shelves made with plywood or reclaimed wood to the suitcase, on the front of the suitcase add a mirror and hang the cabinet on the wall.

Vintage Suitcase

Ladder Rack

Consider using an old ladder for adding storage space to your kitchen. Attach few hooks to the rungs and hang the ladder overhead. Now you have space for hanging your utensils and baskets.

Ladder Rack

Rake Head As Jewelry Holder

For organizing your jewelries, consider using the old rake head gathering dust in your garage. All you have to do is remove the handle and attach the rake head to the wall.

Use Rake Head

Shutter Plate Rack

If you don’t have an old shutter panel at home, you can find one in your neighborhood thrift store. To turn the old shutter into a plate rack, in addition to the shutter panels you will need brackets for attaching the shutter to the wall and hooks for hanging the cups. Once your shutter rack is attached to the wall, place the plates between the slats and hang the cups from the hooks.

Shutter Plate Rack

Repurposed Crate As Spice Rack

You can use wooden crates to organize spice and condiment jars and cans in your kitchen. Nail the crate to the wall and you will have a neat storage space in your kitchen. This storage idea can be used in the other rooms as well for displaying and organizing various household objects.

spice rack


Shoebox Wall Shelves

Instead of discarding the empty shoe boxes, reuse them for making decorative shelves for holding lightweight objects. This is an inexpensive DIY storage idea for displaying photo frames, vases, trinkets and other decorative objects. You can create a single shelf or cover up the wall with numerous shoebox shelves.

Shoebox Wall Shelves

Organizing With Shopping Bags

Here is a stylish way of organizing your mails, cards, pictures, journals, invites and other lightweight items with shopping bags. There cannot be a better way of repurposing the colorful shopping bags that arrive in your house in large numbers after shopping trips to retail stores.

Shopping Bags

Wine Box As Shoe Storage

Instead of buying an expensive shoe rack, you can make one on your own with an old wine box. Use appropriate colored papers to decorate the wine box. Now you have a cheap but stunning shoe rack.

wine box

Crib Railing For Storage

Wondering what to do with the old crib? Consider disassembling it and using the crib railing as a rack for storing journals, hanging towels, scarves, neckties and more. Attach the crib railing to the wall and you will get a rack without spending a dime.

Crib Railing

Old Door As Corner Shelf

An old door can be repurposed and converted into an attractive corner shelf. Use brackets to attach circular shelves to the door and paint the repurposed door to create a stunning corner shelf for displaying vases, photos, books and journal and other items.

Old Door as Corner Shelf