12 Grand Ideas On Color Themed Kitchen

Grand Ideas On Color Themed Kitchen

The kitchen being a delightful place of every person living in a house and wants it to be more attentive and decorative and above all properly arranged items so that they find no difficulty during cooking of food.

Hereby Below Are The Discussions Of Your Passionate Kitchen:

1. Counter Tops:

The counter top can be made of silestone, green in color which appears to expose an elegant feature to the kitchen. The stone is stain free with a long durability, can be cleaned and maintained easily. The polished stone executes a glossy appearance with beautiful textures of stones. The counter top made of silestone is very much found in new kitchens which derives a fresh look to the room, where cooking can be enjoyed to the fullest and tastiest way.

Counter Tops

2. Wall Tiles:

Various types of tiles are available which you can place according to your choice such as white or grey designed tiles made of marble, vitrified or ceramic tiles of numerous artistic designs that is a good contrast to the green counter top. The place of tiles above the wall of the cooking area is because of the stain that gets on the walls due to the fumes and cooking oil, it can be cleaned easily as the tiles are stain resistant and gives a tidy get up to the kitchen with a glimpse of contrasted colorful space. The wall tiles in the kitchen area should be of small sizes and light weight, checkered tiles are also available of nominal sizes so that it does not hamper the wall strength or the wall may be able to take the weight of the tiles.

Wall Tiles

3. Green Floor Or White Floor Tiles:

The floor can be designed with the colored tiles of green color or white or may be with the both contrast of tiles color, the floor tiles with the contrast of white and green can be placed in various designed way, different types of art designed tiles can be placed of different sizes, which will give the kitchen a color theme of green and white or in place of white grey can be replaced which will also give a delicacy atmosphere to the kitchen.

 Green Floor Or White Floor Tiles

4. Cabinets With Drawers Of Laminated Fiber Wood White:

White colored laminated drawers of fiber wood executes a firm and pleasant gesture to the kitchen, cabinets are generally a storage place of all the required ingredients for cooking. Drawers are the best for the cabinets below the counter top which is easy to operate while cooking or for preparation of the cooking. The cabinets above can have shelves of green silestones or again laminated green hard fiber wood paneled doors or only shelves of green silestone but covered cabinets are better as edible products are stored inside.

Cabinets With Drawers Of Laminated Fiber Wood White

5. Electrical Fixtures:

One of the important features of the kitchen are the electric fixtures which are of various elegant designs which may be fixed keeping in mind the placement of all the electronic products to be used inside the kitchen.

Electrical Fixtures

6. Sink:

Sink can of various material such as porcelain, ceramic or steel, the green colored sink matched with the counter top and a dry tray on the other side, color increases the beauty of the kitchen and the dry tray helps in drying the washed utensils, specially sink placed in front of windows helps to keep sink dry and you can enjoy the outside view while cleaning and washing the utensils..


7. Lights:

Hanging lights of high intensity or bracket lights, ceiling lights of various interesting designs are available which can be used, a gesture of green lights can also be used to show a possession of the green and white effects of the colors. Lights should be  sufficient and enough so that you can prepare your food without any problem causing due to insufficient lights. Ceiling lights are the best choice for kitchen as it provides proper light  and bracket lights are used in absence or disabled ceiling lights.


8. Space For Mixture And Grinder:

If your kitchen is spacious enough you should always keep a place or table or counter top for the mixture and grinder, while cooking food we require them at time intervals, which makes preparation and cooking easy where we find everything in hand or close by within the kitchen and preparing things in grinders. The free wall where the mixture and grinder is fixed the switch board should be kept in mind to be attached to the wall so that the use of wire can be easy.

Space For Mixture And Grinder

9. Refrigerator:

Large size or small size refrigerator depends on the space acquired in the kitchen, the larger the room the larger the refrigerator, storing of raw food materials, cold drinks, water and preserved or cooked food can be easier which keeps in restoring the things for a long time. Frozen food items are stored, the contrast of white color fridge will accelerate an outstanding flawless gesture to the kitchen.


10. Planters:

Planters in glass bowls on the counter tops or hanging pots on the kitchen window or on the window slab, with various flowers of different colors or different small green plants decorates the kitchen with a flow of fresh air or oxygen inside the kitchen through the windows. The planters or small flower vases may be of glass, brass or clay, whatever may be the material but the attractive or ornamental designs with beautiful plants brings more liveliness to the kitchen.


11. Mural Paints:

Mural paints with different scenes and art pictures renders the walls of the kitchen, any free wall in the kitchen can be decorated by the mural tiles or paintings.

Mural Paints

12. Crockery And Cutlery Shelves:

The most important is the shelves for cutlery and crockery, the space where all the dinnerware, tableware can be kept in the kitchen. The shelves can be placed on the floor if you have a big space and hang on the wall if the space is less, the shelves may be covered by the paneled glass door or fibre white wooden panel, whatever may be the placement of the shelves it may be white laminated fiber wood on the green, white or grey walls of the kitchen. The cutlery item can be placed on the top of the counter top or on the top of the crockery shelves, glass paneled shelves makes the crockery as decorative items and solid panels cover the crockery.

Crockery And Cutlery Shelves