12 Beautiful Decorating Ideas With Shiplap

Shiplap is a kind of wooden board that is used as exterior siding while constructing homes, barns, outbuildings or sheds. It is either milled 3/4″ pineor rough-sawn 1″ or similarly inexpensive wood between 3″ and 10″ wide with a 3/8″ – 1/2″ rabbet on opposite sides of each end. In the present world, shiplap has become one of the most commonly used products for interior finishing and designing. let us see some of the ways by which shiplap can be considered by you while designing any of the buildings

Mentioned Above As They Are Discussed Below As The Following:

1. Shiplap Bathrooms

The rutic theme added by shiplap can be used in various areas and bathrooms is one of them. Since tiles are the favorites in bathrooms, shiplaps are becoming more known and they can give a subtle touch to the overall appearance.


2. Common Sitting Rooms

Sitting rooms can be used for various purposes such as reading or eating or to just have a casual get together. The best way to keep calm and a quiet theme to this room would definitely become great with the use of shiplap wood. The color can be according to the surroundings and the furniture to complement it with each other.


3. Modern Interiors

Modern architecture has gone way beyond the expectations and proved to be handsome while building homes. Shiplaps can come very handy in such situations as the delicate background is very charming to the eyes. White colored shiplap boards are very useful while designing and finishing the interiors. Shiplaps can also complement concrete because of the raw feelings from both the materials.


4. Bedrooms

Shiplaps because of its texture is very helpful in finishing bedrooms as well. The white drapes along with shiplap boards can just be the combination that you would want in your bedrooms as it gives the coziest feelings amongst all the other combinations.


5. Modern Kitchen

With the age of modular kitchens beckoning each and every home, the rustic touch provided by shiplap is something that you wouldn’t want to miss out on. If you are going through construction for a new home, then make sure you try shiplap in your kitchen giving it the latest feeling.


6. Living Room

Where shiplap is already being used in almost all the areas of the house, living rooms are no exception. With the guests hovering around your home, a fancy theme is never the one which fascinates anyone but if shiplap is used, the theme is just acoustic and mature, making it look as if you have conducted some good amount of research while getting such a refined theme in your living room.


7. Laundry Room

Laundry room is an area which is not looked upon and neither a lot is spent on the same. Applying shiplap here too can give you a good vibe all around. With most of the products such as the washing machine are all white, the white boards of this kind of wood would sit in perfectly.


8. Dining Area

Dining area is a place where people sit in peace to enjoy a meal possibly after a taxing day. Thus the surroundings, if they are also similar to the feel, it can be very blissful for a person. Shiplap can be used because of its pastoral nature in such areas keeping in mind the color of the dining table to match it overall.


9. Raw Wooden Shiplap

Till now we have seen the areas that can have shiplap and they can be everywhere. Painted shiplap in such a manner as to give it a wooden feeling will be even great with the wooden furniture surrounding the area. After all it is all about keeping the condition elusive.


10. Little Country Charm

The rooms can be a place where shiplap is used and no wonder the homes in countryside are best places to see such stuff. The old and vintage beds along with such wood can be exclusive and great to keep.


11. Shelves

Let us say that you want to have shelves that are just as good looking as the one on the wall. Shiplap boards are strong enough to be used as shelves and thus you can always use the same to keep your books or photo frames an etc.


12. Exterior Shiplap

As said earlier, shiplap can be used outside as well and not only in interiors. Thus a house made of shiplap can look like the one you imagined in your dreams. Paint it accordingly but the one in white will always give you the standout feeling.


Try the new way of decorating your house with a shiplap. The above mentioned ideas are new and unique. Try them out and see the difference.