11 Ways To Decorate The House With Flowers

A well-decorated house is pleasing for the family members and the guests too. Many types of things and decoration items are used for decorating the interiors of a home. Natural themes like floral arrangements look very good. Flowers of bright colors like red, orange and yellow make a room look bright and lively. It brings nature inside the house. Using flowers with leaves and plants further enhances the beauty as it introduces greenery in the interiors. Use the flowers in vases, flowerpots or floral arrangements on the table. There are many ways of using flowers for decoration purposes. We will give some tips for this. Use our tips to create attractive floral arrangements at your home.

Following Are The Top 11 Ways To Decorate The House With Flowers.

1. Use Flowers In Hanging Pots

Flowers look nice inside the house but you can also use hanging flowers. For inexpensive flower pots, use colanders of different colors like blue, yellow and white. Place soil and plants in the pot and hang outside or inside the house. Use plants with beautiful flowers and blooms in bright colors.

Use Flowers In Hanging Pots

2. Use Single Colored Flowers

Decorate your house with a monochromatic floral centerpiece. Choose peony and rose flowers in white colors. Place them in a vase and keep on the dining table or center table in the living room. Use a white colored flower vase for this. You can also use white colored viburnum flowers with the other flowers.

Use Single Colored Flowers

3. Use Flowers With Coastal Colors

Use flowers with coastal color theme like white and cream. Choose flowers like white scabious, white statice, dahlia and garland daisy. Make a nautical flower vase by sticking colored string outside a jar with glue. Dry the glue and use it as a vase. Use flowers of blue, pink and yellow colors. Japanese anemone and Queen Anne’s lace are good flowers for a coastal theme. Place the flowers in the vase and keep on the table.

Use Flowers With Coastal Colors

4. Use Flowers In Bedroom And Bathroom

Many of us use flowers in the dining room and living room but you can use them in bedroom and bathroom too. Put bright colored flowers in red, pink and yellow colors in a vase and place it on the bedside table in the bedroom. Similarly, place a flower vase in the bathroom too.

Use Flowers In Bedroom And Bathroom

5. Use Wild Flowers In A Rustic Crate

Using wild flowers for decorating the house is a very good idea. Instead of a usual container, use a rustic crate for planting the flowers. Place soil and wild flowering plants in the crate. Use plants with pastel colored flowers like hydrangeas. Place the crates in your house indoors, doorsteps or in the garden outdoors. You can also use plants like lisianthus and snapdragons.

Use Wild Flowers In A Rustic Crate

6. Use Flowers With Shells And Pebbles

Decorating the house with flowers used along with shells and pebbles makes the interiors look very beautiful. Put seashells in a glass jar, pour water and put colored flowers in it. Fill pebbles in glass containers and use as a vase for flowers. You can also decorate flowers in a fish bowl.

Use Flowers With Shells And Pebbles

7. Use Aromatic Flowers

Use aromatic flowers with a sweet fragrance instead of using unscented flowers. Choose aromatic flowers like tuberose and gardenia. Place the flowers along with its leaves in a glass vase and keep it on the dining table.

Use Aromatic Flowers

8. Use Flowers With A Cage

Using a cage for displaying flowers is an unusual but a nice idea. Use gilded cage made of metal. Place flowers like dahlias, anemones, mint sprigs and spray roses in a flower vase. Keep a porcelain plate, dish or any other base at the bottom of the vase. Cover with the cage on top of the vase. Keep this in the center of the table. Place several small sized bunches of flowers in a single color over the rest of the table.

Use Flowers With A Cage

9. Decorate Flowers In Old Watering Pots

If you have old watering pots lying unused and waste in your house, you can use them to decorate flowers. Choose pots of different colors like pink, blue and white. Put flowers of the same color in the pot and place it on the table. Use pink flowers with the pink pot and violet flowers with the blue pot.

Decorate Flowers In Old Watering Pots

10. Decorate Flowers In Window Boxes

Using flowers with window boxes helps in decorating the kitchen and bringing nature and greenery in the cooking area. Place soil and seasonal flowering plants in wooden boxes and keep on the window in the kitchen, terrace or outside the house. You can plant crocuses flowers in the spring season. For a hot weather in summers, plant poppy flowers in the window boxes.

Decorate Flowers In Window Boxes

11. Decorate The Door And Porch With Red Rose Wreath

Decorate your house for Christmas with a wreath or garland made of red roses. Use red roses with roses of other color and attach them on the wreath with the help of wire cable. Add few pieces of pinecones in between the roses for a different look. Hang the wreath or garland on the door or porch in Christmas. Fill baskets with pumpkins and squashes and place on the doorsteps along with the wreath.

Decorate The Door And Porch With Red Rose Wreath