11 Ideas To Decor Your Living Room With Village Theme

Theme based living rooms gives a uniqueness and to think in a particular way which not only executes an excellent creativity but develops an exceptional classy environment which is admired by the people living in and by outsiders or guests.

Below Village Theme Based Living Room Is Defined:

1. Mural Wall Paints:

Walls can be painted with mural paintings of various types and colors which gives a beautiful village wall effect on the walls. Mural is a combination of fresh lime and water, it is an ancient form of art created by the muralists, different pictures on history of ancient times or various artistic forms. It will not only decorate the wall but will also give a classy appearance to the room. Mural tiles are also available made of porcelain, stone which can be added to the surface which can also control the temperature of the room, itself being an ornamental art can convey creativity to the space.

Mural Wall Paints

2. Village Scenery Stickers On The Walls:

One of the best way to define the village theme is the stickers of various villages, their people, places, scenes of rivers, birds of different colors initializes a worthy decoration which can be in contrast to the wall paint or of same color wall paint. If you have a blank wall, sticker can easily fill up the wall with an extreme elegance to wall.

Village Scenery Stickers On The Walls

3. Cane Sitting Arrange Or Unfinished Wood Sitting Arrangements:

The living room can have cane made sofas and chairs varnished with natural colors, centre tables of stone or clay with a glass top. The Diwan is also a very good royal form of sitting arrangement, an item which can be introduced, is a royal item and highly comfortable because of the less height to the ground with a mattress on it. Sofa made of canes covered with cushions of different suitable colors and brings in effect of a rural zone even if you are in cities. The sofas can be painted in different colors but dark brown or light brown varnished furniture looks more sophisticated.

Cane Sitting Arrange Or Unfinished Wood Sitting Arrangements

4. Village Photo Frames:

Photo frames of various features of a village, animals such as cows, horses, birds, flowing rivers with greenery that shows a glimpse of a village area. This photos exhibits a feeling of calm and peace with the resemblance to the nature, to bring yourself close to the nature. In Indian villages if you want to define through the photo frames, the stories of lord Krishna with his cows, childhood friends around the villages and mountains is the appropriate to the living room. A large photo frame of a black or white horse can occupy the whole attraction of the living room.

Village Photo Frames

5. Shelves Made Of Stone Or Wood:

Stones are found from ancient day, material which even can be involved in making of shelves in the living room with a good finishing or unfinished condition stones textures are fabulous. The stone itself is a natural element and gives a natural outlook, it may used in keeping displaying items, paneled with glass. Stones are heavy and durable, in replacement wood can also be used if stones are not available though both are expensive in this form, wooden textures are popular whether it is urban or rural areas, only matters in the finishing of the wooden material, for a rural get up semi finished look is preferable.

Shelves Made Of Stone Or Wood

6. Entertainment Unit:

The television may be wall mounted with a village scenery at the background or a bamboo made entertainment unit which is a village material along with the fabulous form of proceeding art material with a durability or simple plywood entertainment unit with a wooden texture of oak, exhibits a perfect trend of aerie to the living room.

Entertainment Unit

7. Flooring:

Various mural tiles are available in the market with artistic designs for the floorings which controls the room temperature. Floor stickers are available which can be fixed on the floor, according to your choice. Carpets of various textures such as grass available, rugs can be placed of different required size. Mud flooring is the best for village theme but maintenance is a problem, so it is not suggested.


8. Lantern And Candles:

Lanterns are the ideal object to define a village, they are of various designs and sizes which are to be hanged according to the room size of the living room it’s a unique form of light decoration, again of different colors. Candle lights on beautiful candle stands of ornamental designs looks stunning and develops a  pleasing atmosphere. Small candle stands can be placed at the center of the tea table. Brass made light stands are also available looks excellent at the entrance.

Lantern And Candles

9. Decorative Wall Hangings:

Lots of beautiful wall hanging, terracotta wall art, crafts of huts, snails, crabs, applique wall hanging executes a natural view of village through the wall hanging picture items, different states have their own village criteria, such as embroidered multicolor wall hang from Gujarat, camels and elephants wall hangs Jaipur, appliqué wall hanging from Peru, Thai style wall hangings which defines the culture of their respective village or state which shows that every villages have their respective or individual identity and their individuality gives a appealing decoration to the theme based living room.

Decorative Wall Hangings

10. Windows:

Windows should have the capacity for good ventilation, it may be wooden with glass panels, the size of the windows matter, window curtains should be dark printed colored, whatever the quality of the cloth maybe, wooden frame with wooden panel which will not provide any light unless the panels are open can be used if ventilators are provided with glass above the windows or else the glass panel windows is a better choice.


11. Ceiling:

Ceiling can be plywood made with the slope roof as most of the roof in villages are sloped or false ceiling with a village look as PVC wood rest on the battens of wood or bamboo poles placed, which is very stunning with a expressive mode of the theme revealed through the ceiling . False ceilings creates more inventive roof ideas that can be utilized in the creation of different and new form or ideas of roof as required with multiple colors. Thatched roof can be applied for single storied or else on the top of multiple floors of a building which gives a aesthetic view.