11 Great Tips To Create A ‘Nature Inspired Home’


Looking at a sea of tall skyscrapers outside the window may only add to one’s stressful and demanding life. While we cannot leave the city and start living in a farm or at the banks of a river, we sure can do a lot to bring the outdoors inside the four walls of our abode.

Here Are 11 Great Tips To Create A Nature Inspired Home:

1. Tree Trunks

Tree trunks are huge and thus make statement when incorporated in your décor. Their rough edges as opposed to treated wood’s smooth ones add a whole new dimension to your space. There are many ways to use tree trunks inside the house. Make an entire bed out of it for that quirky appeal. And if that is too much for you then little accents like the head rest, or just rustic trunks standing majestically on all four corners of the bed. Coffee tables and chairs too can be carved out of a single tree trunk. Also you can place a huge trunk on a neglected corner and drop lamps from it, or create wooden shelves around it.

tree trunks

2. Dried Out Branches

There are millions of ways you could use that dried up branch from the tree in front of your home. You can use them as they are; embracing their natural flawed appeal, or you could paint them to gold or silver or any other color of your choice that blends well with the theme of your home. Hang on them little lamps, candles, beads or just wrap them entirely with fairy lights. Color them in different colors, break them to same size and display them on a huge vase. Another great idea is to collect few branches and put them all in a cluster for display on a wall or covering an ugly railing.This decoration wil make the  home a natured inspired home.

Dried out branches

3. Using Nature Prints

The easiest way to bring the outdoors inside is by using nature prints on your curtains, throw pillows, table cloths and bread spreads. Don’t just stick to florals, although they’re great and evergreen. But there is a vast variety available in the market to choose from. From birds, to trees, to wild animal prints and even patterns that resemble the look of wood choose what appeals to you the most. This is a great way because it is not just easy, it is temporary too. When you feel bored with one kind of design/decor, you can easily change it by just buying new furnishings.

using nature print

4. Wall Art

Wall papers in nature theme are again a great way to do a nature theme. They’re easy to install and offer a vast variety. Large scale patterns, (flowers or leaves) vibrant blooms and big, bold hues are in. Just don’t over do this. Choose one statement wall instead of flooding the art throughout the home.This decoration wil make the  home a natured inspired home.

wall art

5. Terrarium

These have made a relatively new entry into the market and boy! Are they popular? Terrariums are miniature gardens inside seal-able glass containers. A gorgeous way to bring the outdoors inside, terrariums are not as difficult to make either. They are a perfect solution for all of us who live in tiny apartments in the city with very less or no space to have a garden. Just scrounge around your home for suitable glass containers and go to the local gardening center closest to your place. Get plants that would easily fit in your container and won’t grow too tall, plants that won’t need regular watering, soil that would suit them best (the information will be provided by the gardener at the center),and some rocks or pebbles.


6. Aquarium

Another great way to add a nature inspired element is to build an aquarium. If you don’t have much space you could use a small fish bowl with just one or two fish in it. To add edge to your aquarium you could also use jelly fish instead of regular ones.This decoration wil make the  home a natured inspired home.


7. Decorate With Natural Elements

Nature provides us with the best assortment of decorative elements. We just have to open our eyes to them. Dried out branches are just one of the many options. Pine cones, river rocks, fruity twigs, peacock feathers, sea shells. If even these aren’t easily available then those greens outside your window work just as well. Whichever plant or tree you come across, just break a few of its greens and display in clear glass containers with some water. Fruits And flowers are again ever green in this category.

Decorate with natural elements

8. Moss It Up

Mosses are small flowerless plants growing in damp shady areas. Moss art or graffiti is a great new way of bringing nature to your home. Not just inside homes, but it is slowly finding its way in street art as well. Choose a corner or a wall best suited for moss art and see how it becomes a focal point of your entire space.

Moss it up

9. Nature Inspired Furniture And Lighting

There is something about the wilderness that just works well with lighting. Whether it is birds hanging down a chandelier or an entire forest inspired lamp. A tree trunk coffee table, or driftwood framed mirror, options are plenty and over whelming. Take your pick and make them a conversation starter.

Nature inspired furniture and lighting

10. Bonsai

Bonsai trees can instantly liven up a dull corner and, again are fairly easy to maintain. Go an extra mile and get one of those fruit bearing ones. It will sooth your senses like none other to see a (miniature) fruit bearing tree inside your confined spaces.


11. Waterfall / Indoor Fountain

There is not one soul that doesn’t feel intrinsically relaxed listening to the sound of water. Get a mini water fall that is easily available in all kinds of designs and sizes in the market. They generally work on electricity and keep on cycling the same water with the help of a small motor fit inside. Listening to the falling water will instantly take you to a hill side with tumbling waters.

Waterfall or Indoor fountain