11 Embraced Ideas For Your Entrance Foyer

11 Embraced Ideas For Your Entrance Foyer

In many spacious living rooms​ it is divided into two parts the entrance foyer and the living room. Entrance foyer is the place where your guests or visitors enter and cannot wait or take rest for a time being or in few cases you can setup and end a meeting in the entrance foyer without getting into the living room. The space can be of small area or large what ever may be should be decorated in a proper manner as it is the place for the outsiders and they should have a good feeling after entering the entrance door.

11 Embraced Ideas For Your Entrance Foyer:

1.Seating Arrangement​:

The important thing in the entrance foyer is the sitting space, sofa of different attractive designs, styles and sizes which you can setup according to the size or space of the room. If you are interested in putting different types of sitting arrangements then chairs made of plywood, wood or plastic are available that can be placed for a different stylish look. The sitting arrangements are important in the entrance foyer because of the guests or visitors​ so that they can sit for a long time if they have to wait, one thing should be kept in mind that the sitting arrangements should be comfortable for your visitors or guests.

Seating Arrangement​

2. Center Table:

Center table one more priority to the sitting space, available of various material product such as glass, plastic, wood and fiber wood and of various shapes oval, round, rectangular or square, that should be placed according to the arrangements of the sofa. The centre table is placed for serving of tea or appetizers, on the otherhand if the center table is large enough then a small show piece, a small flower vase, tray full of clay made fruits or a candle stand ornamental texture can be placed to bring in more beauty to the place and a small coffee table with a artistic design provides attraction to a great extent to the room.

Center Table

3. Side Table Or Corner Table:

Side tables or corner tables placed at the side of the sofas specially where its​ made  of various materials wood, glass or plywood, every entrance foyers are not so spacious so side tables or corner tables can be placed so that outsiders can​ utilise it in order to keep their things. In spacious rooms side tables or corner tables are used to put in display items which looks amazing in entrance foyers.

Side Table Or Corner Table

4. Book Shelves Or Magazine Racks:

Waiting for someone outside for a long time ideal is very uncomfortable so a source of engagement is required, so books or magazines can be a good way to occupy​ your visitor. Wall hang book shelves generally requires less space and is applicable in small and large spaces. Many attractive books can take the place in the book shelves, magazine racks can be placed in the side of the entrance foyer. Newspapers, can be kept on the centre or side tables as most people love to read newspapers whether they are book worms or not. Few comics can also be kept for comics lovers which help you to keep your visitors entertained.

Book Shelves Or Magazine Racks

5. Digital Photo Frames:

Hang a digital photo frame on the wall of the foyer with number of family pictures the constant change of the pictures gives a pleasure while watching as a visitor, it should be placed in such a way that it is comfortably visible from the sitting place that is check the eye level before placing the frame, apart from being a decorative item the photo frame  keeps a person engaged for few minutes and they have a delightful feeling watching the moving photos.

Digital Photo Frames

6. Music System:

One more beautiful way to welcome people is the music, most people love music, so playing of light background music entertains them, some time sitting silent maybe difficult so the playing of light music and reading a book quietly may help a person to spend a lot of time without getting bored.

 Music System

7. Entrance Of Living Room:

Entrance foyers are generally to provide a privacy to the living room and the family members, so it can be separated by a sliding door, it requires a very less or no space to operate, sliding doors with glass panels endure a classic gesture, few like to keep less privacy so it’s kept open hanging a curtain on the door entrance. Spacious entrance foyer can be provided with various stylish doors.

 Entrance Of Living Room

8. Aquarium On A Wall Cut:

If you fall short of your space, wall cut of a particular size of the aquarium size and place the aquarium it is an innovative idea which can be accomplished in a less spacious area. The aquarium of small size is advisable as the wall should be capable to carry the weight of the aquarium or else the wall may break down. It gives a dramatic look in less use of space or whether the room maybe spacious in both cases it works the same.

Aquarium On A Wall Cut

9. Entrance Door:

Entrance door should have an elegance, generally entrance door is made of wood, for its beauty , security and durability. The door should be designed in a classy way so that it gives an aesthetic elegance to the whole external elevation.The wooden door mostly dark brown or light brown texture properly polished or varnished exhibits a glossy appearance of the door.

Entrance Door

10. False Ceiling Lights Or Lampshades​:

Chandeliers can be placed in the ceiling entrance foyer, choose according to the space of the foyer. False ceiling and lights can be applicable which produces a splendid atmosphere of light as well as decor the room enormously​. If the room can provide more space then lampshade can be placed at the corner tables of the room.

False Ceiling Lights Or Lampshades

11. Window Curtains:

Window curtains should be selected such that it matches the wall paint of the foyer. The curtains cloth can be shiny and light colored matches every room paints. Two or more curtains can be used of different cloth material which gives an exclusive​ effect which can be to the window length or may touch the floor.

 Window Curtains