11 Effective Ways To Remove Negative Energy From Your Home

If you are constantly feeling depressed, sick or your home feels like gloomy or there is lot of conflict among family members, it’s time to expel those negative and depressive vibes from your home that keeps on entering your spaces time to time and leaves a dramatic effect on your life and surroundings. Here are some simple techniques that will help you remove negative energy from your home and ensure free-flow of positive energy in your space and restore balance and harmony in your life.
Here are the easiest ways to remove negative vibes from your home.

Here Are The 11 Effective Ways To Remove Negative Energy From Your Home:

1. Allow Fresh Air To Enter The Rooms

The very first step you should take to remove negative energy from your home is-open up all the doors and windows of your home. Let fresh air come in even if it is freezing cold outside. It will let the negative energy pass through and replace the air with positive fresh air. If possible, shake out your blankets, pillows etc.


2. Remove Clutter

A clean and cutter –free room not only gives you a feel good sense, but also attracts positive energy compared to a dirty, cluttered and messy room. Things like old newspapers, magazines, dirty clothes traps lot of negative energy in them. Keep every corner of your home clean and organized. It will automatically fill the area with positivity.


3. Burn Incense

Burning incense has always been a spiritual practice to remove negative energy from home. Sage is one of most popular herb for smudging. Burn few sage sticks after cleaning your home. The swirling smoke and the soothing and relaxing aroma of sage will not only clear negatively charged stagnant energy from your home but will also help to improve your mental clarity and sense of well-being by creating a calm and serene atmosphere.. Apart from sage, you can use any other herbs like lavender, sandalwood, cedar to personalize your choice.


4. Repair Or Remove Broken Things

Feng Shui and holistic living experts recommend fixing or removing broken things as quickly as possible, as these things suck negative energy into the home


5. Furniture Rearranging

Negative energy often hangs on to the stationary objects. Changing your furniture arrangement and home décor can help to remove the bad energy that has stuck around. So time to time rearrange your furniture setting. It also helps to clean the clutters and dirt from every corner of your home.


6. Allow Sunlight To Enter

Allowing sunlight to enter the rooms will not only brighten up the rooms but will boost your positivity. Sunlight is nature’s a strong energy source and also good for your health and well-being.


7. House Plants

Plants are yet another natural filter for negative energy. Placing indoor plant to different spaces will not only enhance the spaces with natural and fresh touch, experts believe that it also attracts a flow of positive energy. According to them certain plants provides more positive energy and have the power to ward of envy, malice etc. and absorb bad electromagnetic and negative energy that often spread through electrical appliances etc. Plants like bamboo, spearmint, cactus; rosemary etc. restores calmness and positive energy in your homes.


8. Sea Salt

Sea salt has been an age old and popular option for expelling negative energy form home as well as your body. It is believed that salt absorbs negative energy from the environment and help to restore positive energy. Experts advise to pour salt in four corner of the house or sprinkle salt water around the house. After 48hours you can clean up and throw the salt in the trash. Taking salt water bath is also recommended for purifying the body.


9. Place Crystals For Protection

Crystals absorbs negative energy from the environment. Different types of crystals are available to ward of negative vibes. Black tourmaline crystals are recommended by experts as the best. They should be placed in each corner of your room to build a protective shield against negative energy form entering your home. Crystals can even draw electromagnetic energy from electronic appliances and devices. So you can place them near these devices.


10. Add Light Sound

A quiet place attracts negativity easily. Add some sweet sound to expel negative energy from your home. Small bells, wind chime etc. produces light musical sound which brings positivity to your home.


11. Protect The Entrance

To prevent negative energy from entering your home, the entrance door and windows should be protected and purified. For this experts recommend keeping a bucket full of water adding lemon juice, vinegar and salt. You can also clean the knobs and windows with this water.


All these measures will help to prevent negative energy from entering your home and help you stay healthy and joyful.