11 Awesome Herbs To Grow In Containers

There are plenty of herbs that you can grow in containers right in your backyard, patio or even on window sills. The list includes even those herbs that are very commonly used in almost every kitchen. However, they need special care and you must also know about the best time to grow the same.

Following Is A List Of 11 Such Wonderful Herbs And Details About What Kind Of Care They Need

1. Thyme

Thyme has a unique flavor, which you can use in your food for an exclusive taste. You can plant it in an average-sized container. Just make sure you do not over water it. Also, the soil in the container should be well-drained.


2. Coriander

When it comes to growing herbs in containers, coriander is probably the best one. It is also one of the most common herbs that can be found in just any kitchen. However, there is a specific time during the year when you should sow it in a container and that is from August to September. During this time, it grows fast and soon you will see flowers and leaves on it.


3. Basil

Basil can also be grown in containers, but you should never keep the container under direct sunlight. Keep it outdoor but it in a sheltered space where it should get the warmth but no direct sunlight. June is the best time to grow basil in a pot. Also, excessive water should be avoided as it can spoil its root.


4. Parsley

Parsley can also be grown in containers but it requires you to have some patience because it grows very slowly and its seeds take a very long time even to sprout up. But, once it begins to grow, it will have flowers and leaves throughout the year. For best results, sow dozens of seeds in a large container.


5. Nasturtium

The best time to grow nasturtium in a container is late spring. If you want this herb to produce more flowers, use perlite. Fertilizers can be good but not necessary.


6. Chives

Chives are also very commonly used in a variety of dishes and it is also one of those herbs that you can easily grow in containers. Though you can grow it throughout the year, but it grows faster during spring time. It should get direct sunlight but for not more than four to five hours. Avoid over watering it, but make sure the soil remains damp throughout the day.


7. Mint

Once you sow mint, it takes very little time to grow into a large bush, but make sure the container you use for it should be large enough. Mint can be used in soups, sauces and even in tea. However, mint does not like direct sunlight. So, keep it in a sheltered space.


8. Rosemary

You can grow rosemary also in a container, but keep the container always in full sun. This herb is draught-tolerant and in fact grows faster in soil that gets drained quickly. So, make sure you do not over wet the soil; just keep it moist.


9. Oregano

If you love Mediterranean dishes, you must consider growing oregano in your home. It loves direct sunlight. So, put the container in full sun. The more sun this plant receives, the better flavor its leaves produce. It is also draught-tolerant and grows better in fast-draining soil.


10 Lavender

Lavender can also be grown in containers. Use quick-draining pots for this plant and keep the pot in direct sunlight. Do not use fertilizers.


11. Tarragon

The best time to grow tarragon in containers is early winter or late fall. Keep its container on a south-facing window, where it should get proper warmth from sun. Use liquid organic fertilizers for its faster growth.


Overall, if you want to grow the above mentioned herbs in containers, make sure you keep in mind the basic rules as explained.