11 Amazing DIY Home Decor Ideas

11 Amazing DIY Home Decor Ideas

When we have to decide about the decoration of our flat or house we often take help of any interior decorator who decorate our home on our behalf. But in most of the cases they charge a lot of rupees to decorate your flat. It can be done in low cost or at all no cost if you design it for your own. It will be a far better idea to decorate your own flat as not only for the cost but also for the convenience. As you know well about your budget and the demand of yourself so it would be a great idea if you decorate it own. The job is not very tough at all moreover it is enjoyable too. You should have to keep some tips in your mind and have to execute them. Here are 11 amazing DIY home brilliant décor ideas for your home:

11 Amazing DIY Home Decor Ideas:

Keep It Simple:

The first thing when you are decorating your home try to make it simple because remember the thing that less is more. Try to make things clutter free. Also think about the simplicity of decorating a home. A room with a few things placed up with an organized manner is looked well than a room which contains lots of things with an unorganized manner.

Coloring Scheme:

Coloring your room is big deal indeed. Try to use cream, off white or baize as a color for your room. It will work as a back drop or canvas for your furniture and painting. Don’t put your favorite color on your walls only as because it is your favorite color. Use bright and vibrant color for your living rooms to bring the positive vibes in your every day life.

Coloring scheme

Wall Decor For Your Home:

You may use simple things as a wall decor for your room. It can be an old needle work of your grand mother or it may be the great old grand clock of your great grand father’s time. A beautiful mat can be placed in your wall.You can also decorate your wall with paintings or even if with your family photographs that are framed in a nice way.

Wall Decor For Your Home

Lights Please:

Lights play a very important role in home decor. To get light in your whole room you can use general lighting. If you have false ceiling in your room then use hidden light.Spot lights can be used for highlighting any showpiece or painting. It can create a dramatic effect when itspotted over the plants like Ericka Palm or some thing like that.But you have to remember about the fact that the lights that you are using for home décor are also having energy saving techniques which will save your electricity bills.

Lights Please

Curtains And Blinds:

Try to choose the color of your curtains according to the color of your room. Like your clothes you should go for mix and match technique for your curtains also. Use two colored curtains in your room. Or you can try checks with solid colors to create a unique pattern for your room.Using blinds for your room is also another smart idea for your home décor. Blinds cover your windows with out effecting the air circulation and natural lights.

Curtains And Blinds

Decor With Indoor Plants:

Indoor plants also play an important role in your home decoration plan. A good coordination of organized indoor plants can bring new life to your home. Place the indoor plants once in a week under proper sunlight and maintain it.

Decor With Indoor Plants

Use Utility Furniture:

Use storage or utility furniture in a small sized flat. You can store extra goods in it and can fold it when it is not in use.

Use utility furniture

Decorative Table:

Do you have any unused pitcher in your house? You can easily turn it in to a table by placing a glass top on it.

Decorative Table

Flooring Ideas For Your Home:

Try wooden flooring for your dining area which will add uniqueness to your home and break the monotonous nature of traditional flooring.

Flooring Ideas For Your Home

Sitting Arrangement Ideas:

If you have a large sized room then you can go for two or three types of sitting arrangement in your drawing room.Use traditional sofa for parties or formal gatherings. To get cozy feeling make sitting arrangements in floor with hand-loom carpets and cushions.

Sitting Arrangement Ideas

Add Flooring Décor Items:

Do you want to enhance the beauty of your floor in a reasonable cost? Try to use carpet made with cotton or jute. Cotton and jute carpets are very easy to handle and washing technique is very simple. These types of carpet are very much suitable for the area with tropical climate.

Add flooring décor items

You can use woolen carpet as it is very easy to maintain but it will not be suitable for wet atmosphere or area and will create trouble in washing if you live in a area with wet climate.