10 Ways To Decorate With An Old Sweater 

Sometimes we don’t really know what to do with an old sweater. But do not worry, there are many different and cool things that you can do with the old sweater rather than just throwing them in the trash. But before doing that you must think at least twice and think of the different ways of how you can use it and make it look beautiful. You spend so much on buying the sweaters and as you grow older they become small. You gave the poor also a lot of your things, but you still have few left with you. Don’t worry. Make sure to use them for something better, which will look good in your house and you can make it from your most favorite sweater so that you don’t even feel bad throwing them away. It can stay with you forever. The things made out of sweaters looks really cool and you can easily make numerous things.

Mentioned Below Are The 10 Ways To Decorate With An Old Sweater

1. Make Sweater Pumpkins

This is something that looks really cute, when you make them out of your sweaters. The sweaters have a great texture and you can make the pumpkins. To make the pumpkin you will have to cut the body of the pumpkin and turn it inside out. Use the ends and bring them together using a rubber band. Stuff with whatever you like. Gather the top and tie with the band. Make a sweet bow using ribbon of your favorite color.

Make Sweater Pumpkins

2. Napkin Rings

This is one of the things most of the houses use during any function or the ceremony. The napkin rings looks very neat and tidy and it is also a symbol of sophistication. If you have a beautiful textured sweater that you don’t want to throw away then make a sweet napkin ring out of it. It looks really nice and this way you will also be able to reuse your old sweater.

Napkin Rings

3. Sweater Trees

This is another great idea to use the old sweater. You can make sweater trees using your old colorful sweaters. To make the trees you will need the sweater scraps and paste them on the tree shaped thing. Paste every piece carefully and make sure that you do not let go off the pattern. It looks very cool and pretty as well.

Sweater Trees

4. Wine Bag

You want to gift someone a bottle of wine, but you don’t really know how to pack it, or you are thinking of a different creative way to pack the wine bottle, then using the sweater is a very cool idea to wrap the wine bottle. It looks very nice and you can use a nice colored ribbon to tie on its top. This is one of the most creative way to decorate your wine bottle.

Wine Bag

5. Serving Tray

This is another cool idea to reuse the old sweater. You can make a proper serving tray using the old sweater. Use an old cutting board or a wooden tray and cover it with the sweater. Use some nice bright colored sweater to cover the wood. It looks very pretty and you can serve the warm tea or coffee during the winters to your guests on this tray.


6. Cover The Vases And Candles

This is another way of using the winter sweater to add more creativity and warmth to your house. If you have glass vases or glass candle stands, then you can cover them with sweater to make get the feel of winter and to make them look prettier and warm.

Cover The Vases And Candles

7. Sweater Lamps

This is another way of making proper use of the sweaters that are old and you don’t want to throw them away. Cover the lamp shade by the sweaters and it will look really pretty and will give your house a warm feeling.

Sweater Lamps

8. Sweater Pillows

Having warm pillows in the winter season is a great idea and using your old sweaters to make the pillow covers is the best way to use them. You can use your old sweaters and make pillow covers out of them. They look very nice.


9. Make A Sweater Rug

Rugs are something that every household needs. Then why not use the old sweaters and make a rug out of them. You can use differently colored sweaters as well and get them stitched together making a rug. It looks very nice.

Make A Sweater Rug

10. Sweater Coasters

This is another cool way to reuse your old sweater rather than throwing them in the trash. You can make the coasters using your old sweaters and you can use different colors as well to make the coasters. They look sweet and cute.

 Sweater Coasters