10 Surprising Uses For Leftover Fruit and Vegetable Peel

10 Surprising Uses for Leftover Fruit and Vegetable Peel

We are pretty well-known of the benefits of having fruits and veggies in our daily diets but mostly we tend to throw their peels in the waste bin. It might be good for people who think that the skin of fruits and veggies contain pesticides, but it might just be surprising to know the uses of the vegetable and fruit peels in our day to day household activities, if used effectively.

Some Of The Surprising Uses For Leftover Fruit And Vegetable Peels Are:

In Making Jelly

In making jelly

As delicious as they sound, leftover apple rinds can be used to make yummy apple jelly at home. To make this recipe to perfection, one just needs apple peels, the core part left uneaten, lemon zest, sugar and sugar. This takes just an hour of a busy schedule to prepare, and voila, the jelly would be ready.

As An Innovative Serving Bowl

As an innovative serving bowl

Watermelon peel can be used as a great serving bowl. To make this, one just needs to take out all the internal contents and hollow the watermelon and add various cut fruits in it and spice it up with sugar and spices, as per taste. This does not only taste great, but the people around would be surprised with the decor.

Use As Potpourri

Use as Potpourri

Instead of spending money on buying artificial portpourri arrangements from the stores, it is interesting to know that you can do the same with the leftover peels from your kitchen. The peels of apples, citrus fruits, and other fruit peels can be used to make potporri once dried and kept in a airtight container for a few days. After completely drying the peels, they can be displayed as potpourri at home.

As A Natural Cleaner & Disinfectant

As a natural cleaner & disinfectant

Peels of lemon can be used to clean kitchen utensils, bottles and bathroom surfaces as well as sinks too. This is due to the fact that lemon is considered to be a natural disinfectant. Lemon peels can also be used to clean scales on the kitchen cutting boards.

Used In Making Pickles

Used in making pickles

Pickles are known to be consumed with normal daily food to spice up the meal. Pickles can be prepared from the peels of citrus fruits like lemon, orange and also from other fruit peels like watermelons and also from pumpkin skin too! Adding some vinegar, spices and sugar to these fruit or veggie skins can get one the best of homemade pickles at one go.

Used In Shining Metal Objects

Used in shining metal objects

Peel of citrus fruits are known to be working wonders in shining brass, copper, steel and any metal substance for that matter. The high citric properties in these fruits will help in getting back the shine on pots, plates, glasses and other display or kitchen items made up of metal. For this, one just needs to add a little baking soda to the object to be cleaned and scrub it with the fruit peels to get the desired results.

As A Food Topping

As a food topping

Peels of fruits like lemon and oranges can be used in topping up cakes, ice creams and various other deserts at home. Just roasting the peels with sugar or cooking the peels with sugar will do the trick here.

Garden Area

Garden area

Just adding pieces of ground nut shells all around tender plants in the garden can help in getting rid of pests. Apart from this orange peels are useful as natural insect repellents in the gardens too. The strong aroma of oranges helps in keeping ants, and other pests at bay from the garden area. Banana peels are useful as a fertilizer in the garden area.

In Vegetable Stock And Seasonings

In vegetable stock and seasonings

Using the peels of carrots, potatoes, onions, celery and such vegetables in a container full of boiling water can help in making veggie stock. By just straining the liquid after proper boiling of the veggie peels can be used as a stock to make risotto or soups as well. Apart from this, powdered peels of various fruits and veggies can serve as seasoning for various bland dishes like mashed potatoes, clear soups and stews and wherever there is a need of extra flavouring.

Skin Benefits

Skin benefits

Consumption of fruits and veggies are indeed great for the skin, but their skins can also serve the purpose. Cucumber peels can help in reducing dark circles. Potato peels are effective in reducing the eye bags and also takes care of acne prone skin. Bottle gourd peels are effective in giving the skin a fresh and glowing effect. The bleaching properties in lemons make lemon skin a good remedy for bleaching the facial hairs as well as in treating sun tan. Banana, beetroot and radish skins can also do wonders for the skin.