10 Stylish Decorating Ways For Basement Laundry Rooms

Laundry is one of the most important aspects of living and the way we organize and keep a laundry room is of equal importance as well. Talking about this, it is also very important to understand that having a laundry room is of extreme importance and what best than a basement region turned into a laundry room which will be away from the prying eyes and also of be of use to you.
Thus, here we are talking about some of the stylish basement laundry room ideas which you can easily implement and get compliments for.

Some Of The Stylish Ideas Are Discussed Below

1. Fully Loaded One

This one talks about serious stuff when it comes to laundry where it is filled with a number of cabinets to store stuff into, open counter tops which can be used to fold and iron clothes and yes, two nice and big sets of dryers and washers as well! Handy and useful, isn’t it?


2. Personalizing It Your Way

Laundry rooms made in the basement need not be drab and boring and there is a lot more that you can do with it than you think of! To get the desired look, set the laundry space apart from the rest of the basement region and put up wallpapers of your choice to give the space a vibrant look.


3. A Warm Basement Laundry Area

Do you think that your basement laundry room is drab and gloomy? Then change it by adding a dash of colours with a warm shaded rug at the floor, colour the storage cabinets in various shades of choice and put up some silk flowers to get the perfect look.


4. Use Of Space

You can minimize the space that your laundry region is taking at the basement by using this simple idea where you can pile up the washer cum dryer on an elevated platform made up of storage cases and top it with cabinets to keep utility stuff. Simple!


5. Hide It Well

To give your laundry room a great and chic look, all that you need to do would be to hide off the unwashed clothes behind a colourful veil. Trust me, there can be nothing as great as putting colourful piece of cloth and your laundry area is going to chirp out loud!


6. Concealing Is Sometimes A Bliss

In case your basement is not only the space to keep your laundry room equipment and also double up as a meeting space or just as a family movie room, you can just conceal the boring laundry dryer and the washers behind closed doors. It is at times just about being a clean concealer and you are done with ease!


7. Customization Is The Key To All

A laundry room need not be as you see at your friend’s place maybe, but can look a lot better and yours, in other words when you try and customize the entire region according to your needs, taste and fancy. Add some closed cabinets and some open, you may also want to add hanging racks to keep your ironed shirts into. All that you need is to think and then customize the area and see the difference that makes in your life.


8. Stuff The Room With Fun Elements

A laundry room may not be only about washers and cleaners apart from the cabinets to keep things into, it can also perhaps be a fun space where you get to touch base on your favourite television series while the washer does its work. Or maybe, If you are a bookworm, keeping a small library tucked in will give you the time and space to spend some time with yourself doing what you love. What say?


9. Division Is Important

You can simply differentiate the laundry area from the main basement room with the use of a sleek and modern looking metallic divider. This will not only help you use the area better but also give you ample choice to make the room look smart and modern, all at the same time!


10. Work Station Cum Laundry Room?

Think of the situation where you are stuck with work and yet want to dry up your clothes as well; can you do it together? Perhaps no, but here we are with just an amazing laundry room idea where you can actually do so where you incorporate a small work station just beside the washer and cleaner and you can do both simultaneously with equal ease!


So, what are you thinking about? Choose your pick and start off feeling good about doing your whites!