10 Stunning Bookshelves You’ll Want For Your Home

It is rightly said, the true wisdom of a person lies in his knowledge. Knowledge, in turn, comes from reading and exploring. Read, read and read some more! For the people who possess a passionate love for book reading, these lines must mean a lot to them. For your valuable books, you will always need some room to keep them at display and safe too. For the same, the choice of a bookshelf is something that needs to be thought about seriously.
Since you are so possessive about your books, you need a definite space which must afford all your books. In addition to that, we always want our bookshelves to be stylish that undoubtedly adds to the look of our house. An end to this dilemma is brought to you by us. Here, we suggest you some stunning bookshelves and ideas that you will not be able to resist. Explore them as they follow below.

Some Of The Stunning Bookshelves You’ll Want For Your Home Are:

1. A Bookshelf Closet

Closet with clothes is one thing. And a closet as a bookshelf in another thing. How about this secret bookshelf passageway that leads to another room full of books? If you are a genuine book lover, then this might be really fascinating for you. Without a doubt, this will be space saving and classy at the same time.

A Bookshelf Closet

2. A Staircase Bookshelf

How about using up that space below your staircase as a book shelf? This amazing bookshelf is as tidy as it seems to be. You can create out a complete bookshelf from the space available beneath your staircase which will stunning and thoughtful. You can stuff up the maximum number of books into this bookshelf and use up a lot of empty space.

A Staircase Bookshelf

3. A Sofa Embedded Bookshelf

Sitting on a sofa and reading from books placed in your sofa itself. Sounds cool, right? This brilliant design of a bookshelf will prove to be quite convenient to the readers. Sit on the sofa and switch books easily. Plus, a great bookshelf idea for your house. Win-win!

A Sofa Embedded Bookshelf

4. The Floating Bookshelf

For a room that falls a little short of space, you can implement this floating bookshelf. Have some glass plates hung on your wall at similar distances and place your book in the form of stacks. This will be a different design of a bookshelf with a modern twist. For a small bookshelf area, this will be perfect. To give a complete look, place about 4-5 of them at finite distances.

The Floating Bookshelf

5. The READ Bookshelf

Just look at this amazing bookshelf design. The slots are made with such accuracy that the whole shelf reads READ. An inspirational kind of bookshelf that will drive every reader. This is a must have if you have a keen passion for reading. Truly something inspirational yet classy at the same time.

The READ Bookshelf

6. A Whole Wall Bookshelf

You can even turn one whole wall of your room or your living room to a bookshelf. Placing wooden shelves for keeping books will look awesome. Imagine, a whole wall of books, a heaven for a book lover! This one will completely make that attic space worth it when it is stuffed with immense knowledge!

A Whole Wall Bookshelf

7. The Tree Branch Bookshelf

This sophisticated design will definitely add an oomph to your room design. This design will look classic according to the perception it demands. Adding to the design element of the room you install it in, it provides sufficient storage space for books too.

The Tree Branch Bookshelf

8. Another Staircase Bookshelf

Here we have another design for a staircase bookshelf. Isn’t it amazing how a staircase area can be easily utilised to create a room for your lovely books? Sure it is and added to the advantage, it gives your home a sophisticated look. Who would want that?

Another Staircase Bookshelf

9. The Spiral Mania Bookshelf

This cute looking bookshelf design is nothing less than elegant. Doesn’t even takes much space. You can hang it on a wall and place your book which are in easy reach area. The circular design makes it look different from the ordinary, thus, adding some charm to your style taste.

The Spiral Mania Bookshelf

10. The A-Shaped Bookshelf

For the attic rooms, you can turn that A-shaped wall into an A-shaped bookshelf room. It can be made a personal library of yours! This bookshelf design will look huge and appealing to the reader’s mind. Definitely not worth missing! So what are you searching more now? Go and try anyone or some of them at your home and see how you changed your home place to an amazing place that can attract anyone’s attention.

The A-Shaped Bookshelf