10 Ingenious Uses Of Alka Seltzer

 Ingenious Uses Of Alka Seltzer

Alka Seltzer is a drug that helps you get quick relief from heartburn and indigestion problems. However, did you know that it is an effective cure-all for mild pain and almost all stomach related problems? Also, it can be a wonderful cleaning agent and deodorizer at home. It might sound bizarre but the tablets really work wonders in making cleaning easier. Check out the alternative uses of the drug and see how it can save your time and energy while trying to get rid of the harsh grime.

Ingenious Uses Of Alka Seltzer:

1. All Purpose Cleaner:

For those looking for cost effective, safe cleaning solutions, alka seltzer can be a blessing. Add a few tablets to a bucket of lukewarm water and let it fizz. Once fizzing stops, your cleaning solution is ready to get rid of the grime in bathtubs, countertops, tiles and almost everywhere at your home.

All Purpose Cleaner

2. Burnt On Food Dish Wash:

Cleaning a burnt-on food residue is irritating and tough. Even after using abundant dish wash, lime, scrubbing and soaking for hours, the adamant residue remains. Here is a secret to make the job easy. Add two or three alka seltzer tablet to the burnt pot and fill it up with water. Leave it for a while and then clean it off. The burnt-on residue will come right away saving your energy, time and your beautiful hands and nails.

 Burnt On Food Dish Wash

3. Jewelry Polish:

The remarkable cleansing properties of alka seltzer is highly useful in making your used, old, dull, but precious jewelry into sparkling new one. Add two tablets to one cup water and immerse your jewelry into it. Allow your jewelry to steep in the solution for 7 to 10 minutes, gently brush and then wipe using a clean cloth. Remember, this miracle cleaning solution works wonders only for diamond and gold and do not use it for pearls, silver or opal.

Jewelry Polish

4. Deodorizer:

When your fridge smells bad, baking soda is always recommended to refresh it, but it might take time, a few days to deodorize it. If you want a quick solution that can remove all foul smell within an hour, then alka seltzer is what you need to use. Dissolve three tablets in a cup of water and leave it in the fridge for 30 minutes or so. If any grime is seen on the edges, just sponge down the area using the cleaning solution that’s it, your fridge will become clean and fresh.


5. Unclog Drains:

When your drain is clogged, drop three to four alka seltzer tablets into the drain along with a cup of vinegar. Let it soak and fizz to do the magical cleaning. Citric acid will loosen the gunk and when you run hot water, it will start fizzing more and will unclog the drain. When used regularly, it not only keeps the drain clean, but also removes unpleasant odor.

 Unclog Drains

6. Relieves Insect Bite:

Take warm water in a glass and drop two alka seltzer tablets in it. Dip a cotton ball in this solution and place it on the area of the insect bite. Leave it for 20 minutes to relieve discomfort caused due to insect bite.

Insect Bite

7. Thermos Cleaning:

People who carry thermos every day to work know the difficulty of cleaning leftover milk, coffee, soup etc., from its bottom. Well, you need not worry when Alka-Seltzer is to your rescue. Pour some warm water into the thermos and throw in two tablets. Leave for about 15 minutes and then pour out all the water from the thermos. Now, rinse with fresh water and your thermos is clean and shiny just like a new one!

Thermos Cleaning

8. Clean Toilets:

Cleaning toilets is perhaps one of the most unpleasant tasks at home. However, you can make this task easier with Alka-Seltzer, it does all the hard work for you. First, flush the toilet and then put 2-tablets in it after it refills. After 20 – 30 minutes you can quickly scrub the bowl and flush again. The citric acid present in the tablet will not only remove the water stains, but also loosen the grime making the toilet sparkling clean.

Clean Toilets

9. Clean Your Vases:

We all know that is it extremely difficult to clean glass vases that have narrow neck. However, cleaning them is quite easy with Alka-Seltzer. Fill the vase with 3/4th water and drop two tablets in it. Leave aside for 10 minutes. Now pour the water out. Rinse with water to remove any debris, old leaves or dirt from it. You can repeat the process once again, although it will not be necessary.

Clean Your Vases

10. Stains On Plastic Containers/Bottles:

Plastic containers are used in every kitchen for storage and other purposes. At some point, these containers become stained due to various food dyes. If you are looking for a safe way to remove such stains then use alka-seltzer. Fill the stained containers with hot water. Drop a tablet of alka-seltzer for a small container or 2-tablets if the container is large and the stains will clear up easily.

Stains On Plastic Containers/Bottles