10 Important Uses For Tea


10 Important Uses For Tea

All of us are very much familiar with the word “Tea” as it is the second most popular drink consumed in whole world after water. But tea is not only used as a drink but it has other benefits too from industrial use to health benefits. Tea is also used in whole world with its different uses. Try to use tea for different purposes and get all of its benefits.

Here Are 10 Unique Uses For Tea Stated Below:

Used As An Energy Drink:

From the long time being tea has been used as an energy drink. It is as popular among people as it is very cheap and the tea making procedure is very easy thus it is the top most energy drink consumed in the whole world. It is worked on your nerves to stimulate it and makes you alert. Just mix few tea spoons of tea with boiling water to make the liquor. Then mix required amount of sugar and milk into to serve it.

Used As An Energy Drink

Used As A Natural Conditioner:

Tea is also good for your hair too. It works as a great natural conditioner for your hair. After you have a shampoo in your hair condition with tea. Make liquor from tea and mix 2-3 tea spoons of honey in to it. Mix it well to make an infusion of it. Apply it immediately after you have a shampoo in your hair instead of an artificial conditioner. Leave it for five minutes and then wash it with water. It makes your hair smooth and gives a lustrous shine in your hair. It gives you an excellent result in an economical way.

Used as a natural conditioner

Remove Dark Circles From Your Eyes:

Do you have dark circles under your eyes? Tried all the under eye creams available in the market but no result? Try this tip for removing the dark circles. Place two ice cold tea bags on your eyes and relax for half an hour. Regular use of this method gives you freedom from dark circles.

Remove Dark Circles From Your Eyes

Used As Organic Manure:

After we have prepared tea we often throw away the used tea leaves. But don’t throw this and use it as organic manure. Keep these used tea leaves in an earthen pot and add little amount of water with it. Allow to ferment the whole mixture and apply it on your trees. This organic manure is very good for your garden as it does not has any side effect and thus it can be used without any hassle.

Used as organic manure

Used As A Natural Coloring Agent:

Tea is also used as a natural coloring agent for your hair too. If you want to color your hair naturally make liquor from tea leaves and soak henna powder in it for overnight. On the very next day mix egg and yoghurt with it to make a smooth paste. Apply this paste in your hair evenly and leave it for one hour. Then wash it as usual with water. You will get a fantastic natural color in your hair.

Used As A Natural Coloring Agent

Cancer Prevention:

Tea is also used for cancer prevention. Tea leaves especially green tea leaves contain chemicals compounds with polyphenols which contains anti cancer properties and helps in curing the disease. According to the medical research it has been proved that the chemical compounds present in tea stops the uncontrolled cell generation caused by cancer.

Cancer Prevention

Used As Organic Dye:

In nowadays we use organic dyed clothes for our clothing which is very good for our skin as it does not contain any artificial chemicals as a coloring agent. These types of cloth are eco friendly and increasing their popularity in market. Tea is used as one of the main coloring agent for preparing these types of organic clothes.

Used as Organic dye

Reduces Blood Pressure In Your Body:

Tea contains anti oxidants which helps you in reducing blood pressure and cholesterol level in your body. It also increases the HDL which is good cholesterol. It relaxes and widens the arteries of your body and lowering the chance of heart attack.

Reduces Blood Pressure In Your Body

Used As Refreshing Drink:

Tea can be used as a refreshing drink in summer also. It is healthier than the artificial cold drinks available in market. Make liquor from tea leaves as usual and let it to be cool in the refrigerator. Now mix sugar to taste and ice cubes with it. If you want you can add a little mint extract in it and serve. It will remove the fatigue of your body and refresh you from with in.

Used As Refreshing Drink

Used For Anti Ageing Facial:

Tea leaves contains one outstanding substance called flavonoid s which contains anti aging properties. Tea also contains anti oxidants also which slows down the aging process by prevent toxin from free radicals in your body. Thus tea is used as main ingredients in anti aging facial. If you are facing the aging problems in your skin and have wrinkles in your skin try anti aging tea facial.

Used For Anti Ageing Facial