10 Ideas To Organize And Decorate A Teen Boy Bedroom

Decorate A Teen Boy Bedroom

Hey parents; your sons have grown older than their most lovely kid stage right? And they are ready to step into the teen years and this is where their preferences and their life would turn out to be and this it is also the high time that you should concentrate on redecorating their rooms according to their individual preferences and needs. Well before going into the ways in which a teen boy’s room should be organized and designed let us take a look at the necessary pieces they should have in the room. First they should have a comfortable bed area, then a study space, storage region and if possible a place to hang out in when they bring friends home! Thus here we have tried to collate some of the best ideas to organize and decorate a teen boy bedroom like never before which you can utilize to hear that phrase of appreciation from your teen aged youngster!

10 Ideas To Organize And Decorate A Teen Boy Bedroom

1. For The Music Lovers

Many teen guys develop a liking towards music and in case your kid is a rock star, this might impress him to bounds. This room reflects his love for music where the collage and the music symbol hanging at the backdrop of the room and guitars or his favourite instrument adorning the bed side would give him a great pleasure every time he enters his room for sure!

For The Music Lovers

2. The Hanging Bed Room Idea

This one is sure to floor your teen kiddo where the room is done in great taste and where the bed is in form of a hanging one which is suspended from the ceiling above! Truly great an idea this one, you may set the organization part at the sides in drawers and cupboards but the winning theory here is the bed indeed!

The Hanging Bed Room Idea

3. The Sport Fan Bed Room Idea

This would be a true justice to a kid who is just in complete love with any sport for that matter!! Try out keeping big framed posters of either jerseys or maybe pictures of his favourite players at the back side of the bed wall and keep the other styling minimal and see how it brings a huge smile on your teen’s face!

 The Sport Fan Bed Room Idea

4. A Chalkboard To Inspire

Teen years are the years of development and where a teen gets himself and goes through his own issues in life and what best can you do to them than add a chalkboard wall in their room which they can scribble on their ideas and designs and custom make their room as per their like and choice. Amazing isn’t it?

A Chalkboard To Inspire

5. The Industrial Bed Room Look

This is for the teen boys who are in love with the industrial look of things! Make the room look absolutely so using faux brick wall décor, crates and tables which oozes industrial flavour all over. The lighting should be similar as well!

The Industrial Bed Room Look

6. The Urban Look To The Room

Make the room the flavour of your house when you add graphiti to the walls and see how urbanized this entire look becomes!! Keeping the beds and the other walls and the furnishings in white increases the power of this room like never before!

 The Urban Look To The Room

7. A Mounted Look Rocks

In case your teen’s room is narrow and you are wondering short of ideas this one can give you the idea and the hint to stead forward! The wall mounted shelves and storage spaces, the mounted study space and the elevated bed and the lounge area is sure to make your kid fall for your chic taste and choice indeed.

A Mounted Look Rocks

8. A Multi-purpose Room For The Teen Years

Irrespective of where the room of your teen is you can actually transform the area into a personal space in a jiffy where you throw a large bed at the sides, keep the thing sin the storage spaces hidden and the couch and the cycle kept at one of the sides with pencil sketch wall décor is sure to impress!

A Multi-purpose Room For The Teen Years

9. The Rustic Charm Teen Bedroom Look

This one is truly rustic and would bring out the man in your teen! The old wooden bed and the wall décor incorporated with the closet behind sliding barn wood door and hangers to hang the clothes on is sure to rock with any kid! It is just so amazing and expresses their interest to become a man soon!

The Rustic Charm Teen Bedroom Look

10. The wooden look

Storage in your teen’s room could not have been more fun than this where the bed is mounted upon shelves of storage and the bed is a low lying one giving the much desired space for the hangout and the study area. What say?

The wooden look