10 Easy Plastic Bottle Hacks Which Are Surprisingly Useful

Plastic Bottle

Plastic bottles are one of the concerning elements which are found a lots in recycling. Generally we use the water bottles and plastic bottles and throw them away but these amazing plastic bottles have cool uses and can make your home look interestingly creative! If you are looking for some cool ways you can use the plastic bottles, here are the most amazing and thrilling uses of plastic bottle which you would get shocked to witness! If you have bunches and bunches of plastic bottles of no use in your home, go for these creative uses of the plastic bottles and recycle these elements in a very creative way!

1. Awesome Garden Water Sprinkler:

If you have a huge garden but do not have a dedicated water sprinkler for all your plants, here is an amazing way to use the plastic bottle to sprinkle water in your garden. Get your plastic bottle, make numerous holes in the bottle, attach it to the pipeline and keep it in the area you want to sprinkle water. With this hack you would not need more pipelines and can sue more water bottles to spread water in your entire garden!

 Awesome Garden Water Sprinkler

2. Colour Holder Room Plastic Bottle:

If your kids always use some different containers to store their pencil colors and then throw it, here is an amazing way to store the pencil colors. With a huge plastic bottle getting wasted in your store room, you can prepare a cool container for your pencil colors and get a creative storage for them!

Colour Holder Room Plastic Bottle

3. Piggy Bank With A Plastic Bottle:

If your kid loves to store and save some money, this is a cool way to gift a mini piggy bank to you lid. The plastic bottle can be turned into a cool piggy bank with this hack and you would love the results. Get the plastic bottle sprayed, cut it from the top to add money, add beads to make the face and your piggy bank is ready! This is a cool thing to gift your child!

Piggy Bank With A Plastic Bottle

4. Little Plastic Bottle Planters:

You can make some really cute and stunning planters from the plastic bottles. Generally the bottles are creative and cute from the base and this can help in preparing an interesting planter. Cut the plastic bottle from the top and add soil and plants in this little planter. You can also add colors, spray and chart paper to make the planter look extremely stunning!

Little Plastic Bottle Planters

5. Plastic Bottles As Home Décor Elements:

If you like some colorful and stunning home décor elements in your living room consider this pretty artistic way to make the home look adorable. Add some spray, draw some cool images and add shimmery beads on the bottle to make it look creative. Also you can add flowers and ribbons to make it look more charming!

Plastic Bottles As Home Décor Elements

6. Plastic Bottle Chandelier:

If you find the huge chandeliers very costly, you can try this interesting and cool chandelier idea and make your living room brightened up. If you have a lots of plastic bottles getting wasted in your home, cut the base of all the bottles and place them into a stunning chandelier. The white and golden lights form this chandelier would simply make your home look bright and beautiful!

Plastic Bottle Chandelier

7. Soap Bottle From Plastic Bottle:

If you want to make a diy hand wash, you can also use the plastic bottles to make cool container. Prepare your hand wash and place it all in a plastic bottle. Cover it with a straw based top to squeeze the hand wash easily! This is a quite interesting and unique way to use the plastic bottles easily!

Soap Bottle From Plastic Bottle

8. A Cool Jewellery Stand:

We love this pretty and designer jewelry stand which looks awesome. You can cut some cool plastic bottled and prepare a stunning jewelry stand for storing your casual jewelry. We all love this amazing idea which makes jewelry handy and easy to get while we are rushing for the office!

A Cool Jewellery Stand

9. Awesome Bird Feeder:

If you love to feed the birds chirping around your garden, here is an amazing plastic bottle hack which can help you in feeding these birds. This interesting bird feeder would simply look awesome and make your garden filled with numerous birds all the daylong!

Awesome Bird Feeder

10. Awesome Vertical Garden:

I you love gardening and studding your garden with some interesting things, here is a cool plastic bottle hack which can make your garden book flawless. This interesting flower planters prepared form plastic bottles look adorable! Try this thrilling idea and make you garden look simply unique!

Awesome Vertical Garden