10 DIY Ideas For Creating Cool Garden Or Yard Brick Projects

Yard Brick Projects

Almost everyone loves gardening and if you have a nice garden space you want to make it appealing and interesting with new and creative ideas. Adding on bricks in the garden can really make it look great. You can do a lot of stuff with bricks in your garden that will not only look exotic but can also add on to some utility. You use these old bricks in a lot of things like making a spiral bed, birdbath, bench or barbeque. In fact, you can make your garden a brick theme garden using bricks in various ways. These ideas are cost effective and unique.

Listed Below Are 10 Diy Ideas For Creating Cool Garden Or Yard Brick Projects:

1. Bird Bath:

It is beautiful to see birds taking bath in your garden. Just welcome them by adding a bird bath in your garden and you will have an amazing view with your morning and evening tea’s, You can keep a bath right in the centre on the brick stand, you can use any size of bath depending on the size of your garden. Bath vessel can be made of metal, it can be a stone pot or a ceramic pot placed on the brick stand.

Bird Bath

2. Brick Pathway:

you can create a lovely pathway in your garden using leftover bricks, you can also create a sideway for your flowers beds, or just an informal pathway. This will add a rustic flavor to your décor. There are endless possibilities and you can make it easily just by digging the garden as per the size of your bricks and placing them or you can simply wet your garden soil place the bricks and press them.

Brick Pathway

3. Plant Holder Or Candle Holders From Bricks:

you can create a small wall of the bricks on the side of your garden, (use the bricks with hole in them) and place your succulents or candle stands in these holes You can also use the wall both sides by adding planters on one and candles on another it will give strikingly elegant feel to your garden.

Plant Holder Or Candle Holders From Bricks

4. Water Pond:

Adding a water pond makes your garden picturesque. Water ponds are easy to make, you can make water pond by digging a ground or buying a readymade water pond or you can simply make a pond using bricks. If you have a small garden you can add a ceramic pot with water and place lotus plants in it.

Water Pond

5. Garden Bench:

using bricks you can make the stylish garden bench. If you have enough space make a small seating of stone benches in L shape and place a centre stone table you can also make a stone fire pit. In fact, if you add a movable glass top to your fire pit you can use it like fire pit or table.

Garden Bench

6. Edge Your Garden With Bricks And Succulents:

Make linear garden bed either on all the sides, or one side, you can also make an L shape bed edge the bed with brick wall and plant succulents in it. You can also add pebbles or gravels of different colours to make it look classier.

Edge Your Garden With Bricks And Succulents

7. Bowls Filled With Gravels And Tea Light:

you can use small cups or bowls try ceramic or stone ones fill them with white gravels and keep a tea light on the top of it. You can also use vanilla or any other flavor in a tea light. These bowls can be kept inside or outside as per your choice. They look beautiful and a light just adds on to the beauty. Perfect for nice romantic dinner in your own garden isn’t it.

Tea Light

8. Spiral Bed With Bricks:

you can simply make a nice spiral bed of bricks in your garden by using nothing more than a sack of bricks. Yes, right in the centre of garden create a nice spiral bed. At the centre of your spiral bed, you can add a small fountain and if you want you can also edge your spiral bricks with gravels or pebbles.

Spiral Bed With Bricks

9. Raised Planters:

Create planters on the side of your garden using bricks. You don’t need anything other the bricks plant and soil for it. You can make square, circular or rectangular brick planters. Just raise the sack of bricks in and fill it with soil add plants you are done. They look superb in the garden and no one can walk over your plants.

Spiral Bed With Bricks

10. Barbeque Of Bricks:

If you love barbeques and want to put in some hard work then this garden tip is for you. You can create an antic barbeque using bricks; you can also give it a nice gothic look or English architecture. But it will take the bit of time money and creative sensibility. But once done it will look great in your garden and you can enjoy your handmade barbeque whenever you want.

 Barbeque Of Bricks