10 Delightful Mediterranean Outdoor Areas


The Mediterranean outdoor areas are the favorite area of the house for breakfast or dinners, family entertainment, chill and relax and even in afternoon. Light or bold colors, lush greenery, flowers, water bodies, natural wood, fireplaces and there are various ideas to get this relaxed and beautiful decor. The Mediterranean inspired outdoor areas only need to add warmth, color and vibrancy to any style home.

10 Delightful Mediterranean Outdoor Areas Ideas

1. Colorful Top

If there is a place where leafs and flowers from the trees often fall, then this is type is perfect for that place. Give a heightened fence to the area from all four sides leaving a small space to enter the place. Place a net on the top, so whenever any leaf or flower will fall it will give a colourful look on the top. This area can be a beautiful hangout place in falls and summers.

Colorful Top

2. Sandy Area

Sand love can never ever go away, place lots of sand on the outer space and make some benches of bricks and color it white. Keep the four pillars of wood in the outer corner and can roll it up with beautiful colored clothes. Also, there can be small lanterns and coffee table for getting it a great sand pit out area.
Sandy Area

3. Dinner Space

The outer space can be a great place to dine. There can two long benches opposite each other and in middle of it a wooden table. This can be surrounded by small plants and also sweet sound making wind chimes. Roof falling lamps will be a cherry on top in this area.
Dinner Space

4. Hut Style

Creating a hut from the top and from two sides, leaving the other two sides open can again be a nice option. As the place is like a hut, one can decor it with modern furniture to give the opposite effect and create a nice blend of culture. Furnishings can be of pink, floral, red, blue or green which can perfectly match to the elements of surrounding.

Hut Style

5. Modern Space

As the word is coined modern space will be free from confusions, there can be a very comfortable white colored or any other descent colored sofas and can be topped by blue or any such royal colored cushions that is all. This has to be the most simple, rich and elegant type.

Modern Space

6. Valleys Around

Plants with valleys can be kept with support to the wall around. As the plants will be green, play with the different colored cushions and different colored chairs. Green valley outdoor space can make one feel more relaxed and calm.

Valleys Around

7. Living Outdoors

How about shifting the entire living room to outdoor? This can be a great idea as the outdoor open ambience will just add a wow factor to the living room ambience. The living room furniture can include all those elegant wood sofas and chairs. Also, a book shelf can be introduced there to read in the lap of Mother Nature.

Living Outdoors

8. White It All

White is the best color to play while trying something new. Just have a wooden roof under it a lazy sofa or a lazy bed covered with a white bed sheet or white seat. One can add some colours by topping some colored cushions, colored floor cushion or rug.

White It All

9. Wicker Bed

Wicker bed can also be a great idea to keep in the outer space. A rooftop of bamboos and under it a wicker bed with blue colored mattresses and a clear background. There can be one or two hanging lanterns on the roof. That can be the perfect and spacious look to go with outdoor space.

Wicker Bed

10. Swimming Pool

There can be a clear water swimming pool in the outdoor space. The swimming pool can be surrounded by different options, there can be a simple sun – bathing area after swimming on one side, another side can have small dining space for those who love to eat on water sides, and there can also be lazy sofas or just floor cushions and rugs to get that lazy poolside feel. There can also be a library introduced on pool side, as it is a nice idea to read on waterside. Thus these ideas can really be delightful Mediterranean outdoor area and also can add meaning to the lifestyle. This can be the perfect utilization of the outdoor spaces which are kept empty or useless. One can go with any of the options as per their space and budget.

Swimming Pool