10 Cutest Crochet Projects Help To Personalize Your Home

Help To Personalize Your Home

There may be a situation or two when handcrafted things can look really astonishing as compared to others. In this category, crochet is one of them. Crochet may take time to adapt to but can give you really great and innovative ideas. It can give you pieces to wear, decorate your house with and many more. Here we are concerned with the home décor ideas that can be provided by crochet

The Following Have Been Mentioned Below As Discussed In Short:

1. Toy Pocket Wall Hanging

This pocket wall hanging will grab the attention of many, especially kids because of its overall look. This can be made with numerous colors depending upon the theme of the room that you want to portray. Not only the toys, this can also hold your daily need products but overall a great way decorate your room with this one.

Toy Pocket Wall Hanging

2. Wall Hanging

Talking about wall hangings, some design and shapes will also add to the beauty of the area. For example, a simple round or circular design or pattern with different colors and shades is perfect for drawing room; you can flaunt your art right in front of the guests coming over.

Wall Hanging

3. Place Mats

The idea is to see that your work is giving you nuptial bliss and coming handy at the same time. Making place mats isn’t that hard at all and in fact a great idea to have while working on crochet. Again the designs and patterns to be disposed are at your will but something new and cooler is always the trend. For example, the American place mats can be a great idea on the Memorial Day or the 4Th of July and can be kept on any other patriotic day.

 Place Mats

4. Butterfly Pillow

Well this isn’t meant for the beginners. You really need to have some history with this kind of art before you can proceed with such stuff. But once the mastery has attained a level of an intermediate, you can go ahead with the plan. A butterfly pillow can be made as colorful as possible. The pillow can be used anywhere in the home not to forget its purpose; always brightening up the area near the window couch.

Butterfly Pillow

5. Vase Covers

Perhaps the vase in the lobby has become too old with scratches and other unwanted marks. Buying new ones is an option but at times that looks futile. Therefore, crochet can come handy in such situations and you don’t need to be an expert for the same. With designs and patterns and beautiful colors, a vase cover can be made in circular shape and make your lobby look even more colorful than before. Making these in numbers will also give you the option to change it every week thereby not sticking to one color alone. This can also be made on old bottles holding the stem, giving you all the benefits mentioned above.

Vase Covers

6. Rugs

Of course. Rugs are the easiest of all. The best part about crochets is that you can use end number of colors and designs and what better than to welcome anyone to your place with colorful rugs at the door. Rugs may take more time than the other handcrafted items mentioned in the list but one hell of an effective piece to go through if you skills are achieved.


7. Mugs And Glasses

During winters, even the smallest gesture of warmth can be enough for the person to feel better. Like the vases and the bottles, the mugs and glasses can also be covered with crochet that in turn can be served to the guests. Again no hard science and plenty of time is required in the making, thus a must in the home décor.

Mugs And Glasses

8. Hanging Lamps

Hanging lamps have an aura of its own and to achieve a level of perfection, crochet can be used on the hanging lamps to give them another shade amongst the light. This will also act against the dust settling on the lamps and with the option of colors; you can actually have different colored lamps each time you wish to change the overall theme.

Hanging Lamps

9. Flower Pots

Very much like the hanging lamps, flower pots too can be subjected to crochet work. Everyone loves greenery and crochet will add the mystic colors that surround it, thus a major boost for you to learn crochet. Build little pockets to hold the pot according to the size.

Flower Pots

10. Stuff Toys

You really need to have some experience to build these. Stuff toys look great wherever they are, weather room, drawing area or even lobby and it sets a little more calm feeling around the place; not to forget, a great way to keep the kids entertained.

Stuff Toys