10 Creative Ideas To Reuse Old Leather Belts

Reuse Old Leather Belts

Old is gold, as a famous proverb says. Indeed! You would have never thought that your leather belt which is either old or not in fashion any more, can be used further. But interestingly, it can be used for various DIY repurpose projects. It can be recycled to uplift interiors, make home decorations, fashion accessories and other handy objects.

Below Given Are The 10 Creative Ideas To Reuse Old Leather Belts:

1. Door Mat:

If you have a huge collection of old leather belts, the best way to utilize them is by creating a nice door mat. Stitch together all your belts of different sizes and colors to form a flat layered entrance floor-mat. This will be a welcome change from the routine, synthetic, fiber mats for your home interiors.

 Door Mat

2. DIY Clock Hanger:

Your old leather belt can be transformed into a lovely, vintage hanging wall clock. Wondering how? Wrap your belt around your old table clock or wall clock and hang it on a hook. This exclusive hanging wall clock will uplift the entire oomph quotient of your room.   Bet, you await heaps of compliments.

DIY Clock Hanger

3. DIY Book Shelf:

You can create beautiful bookshelf with your leather belts. They will hold the books and stack them together such that they will not keep falling off from their place.  Fix a long, sturdy hook on the wall and hang four or more leather belts on this hook. These belts will act as a handle where you can keep the books. The most unique DIY repurpose project ever, isn’t it?

 DIY Book Shelf

4. Flower Vase:

Another way of adding a vintage look to your interiors is by using old belt to make a flower vase. Simply drape around your leather belt around your existing flower vase and stack inside a beautiful bunch of flowers. Also, you can take a simple can or tin and make a new leather vase, since the tin would anyway be not visible.

Flower Vase

5. Curtain Binder:

To give a classic, retro makeover to your home, make curtain binders from the leather belt. Cut your belt into half along with the buckle and tie it around the curtain. The rustic look of the leather around the light colored fabric of curtain will look elegant and royal. Also, it will allow more light to pass inside the room. Similarly, you can also make several napkin rings from the belt.

Curtain Binder

6. Drawer Pull:

Leather provides a sturdy, firm grip and hence it can be extensively used as a pull for drawer. Simply cut your old leather belt as per the size of the handle of the drawer you want. Fasten it onto the wooden drawer with nails or rivets. The leather drawer pull in the background of the wood will look subtle and durable both.

Drawer Pull

7. Belt Chair:

This is a double edged repurpose project where you can reuse your old belt as well as old wooden chair by making a new comfortable, woven seat of the old chair from the belt. Weave all the belts through each other and then attach them on the seat position of the chair with staples. You can either make this seat from the belts of the same color or make a colorful seat by using belts of different colors. This chair will look especially wonderful in outdoors.
Belt Chair

8. Camera Strap:

Protect your expensive DSLR Cameras by making straps from the old belt. You can attach the belt on the camera using thin copper wires. This leather camera strap not only looks stylish and exquisite, but also geeky and rustic. Decorate this strap with studs and design elements and gift it to your photographer friend.

Camera Strap

9. Handbag Belts:

If you have stitched some handbags or if the belts of your handbag (purse) have broken, you can make chirpy handles with old leather belt. Cut your belt as per the length of the handle you desire, and then sew or glue them on edges of handbag. Old leather belts can indeed save you some money by eliminating the need to buy new straps. And mind you, it looks fashionable also.

Handbag Belts

10. Cuff Bracelet:

If you love adoring accessories, then your old leather belt can potentially become one of those accessories which you are going to love forever. Simply cut down your leather belt and wrap it around your wrist to make a nice bracelet. This bracelet can be of different shape and size and can be decorated with studs, beads, buttons, and other designer elements. The leather bracelet looks absolute classy with a denim dress.

Cuff Bracelet

Use your creativity and explore new repurpose methods to transform your old leather belt. After all, vintage never goes out of style.