10 Creative Coffee Mug Decoration Ideas That Can Be Used To Make Attractive Gifts


Coffee mugs serve as the perfect gift item because they are so useful. You will be picking them up as many times in a day as you have coffee. Usually plain colored coffee mugs are given away as gifts. Now, there is a way to make them more interesting with easy-to-do mug decoration ideas. These ideas use simple techniques that leave a lovely result on the mug surface.

Here Is A Look At What You Can Try Out On Coffee Mugs Before Gifting:

1. Paw Prints

This one can be done quickly and will take just minutes. Get a paw print stencil and stick it around the coffee mug. Use a mug that’s in black color and paint the paw print in white using glass colors. The mug’s color must be a sharp contrast to the paint color used for the paws. Remove the stencil and allow the paint to dry for an hour. Heat it in the oven for one hour to finish the look.

Paw Prints

2. Gold Heart

Using gold paint to make designs on the mug surface can leave a very dramatic effect, particularly if you carefully choose the shape. Here the shape selected is a heart. It is drawn and shaded using a metallic gold paint pen. You can also use an attractive stencil to draw a figure of your choice. Once the design is done, bake the mug in the oven for thirty minutes.

Gold Heart

3. Monsters

You can find many monster prints on the internet. Pick one that suits you and have the image transferred to the coffee mug surface. Take a sharpie and draw over the image on the mug surface. Draw a pattern on the handle as well. You can keep the image as a black and white one, else add some color to it and make it more attractive. After the image has dried, bake mug in the oven for half an hour in low heat.


4. Monogram

You can put the first letter of your name or your friend’s name on a coffee mug in an attractive way. The first step to do is get a large card cut out of the alphabet. Fix it to the mug using glue. Pick sharpies of different colors and put dots all around the alphabet. Remove the card cut out to see the entire alphabet monogrammed on it surrounded by lovely dots.


5. Coffee Mugs With Watercolor Look

Get together nail polishes of various colors. Take a small plastic container and fill it with half a glass of lukewarm water. Pour your nail polishes into this, one by one. You can add some three to four colors and then swirl them with a stick. Now dip the coffee mug into this mix. You can see the paints come onto the surface in a nice colorful pattern. Rotate the mug to get the nail polish colors all over it and set it aside to dry. A point to note here is that these mugs must only be hand washed.

Coffee Mugs With Watercolor Look

6. Striped Mugs

These have a great look on the coffee table. Get a white mug, porcelain paints of various colors and quarter glass of water. Pour porcelain paint onto a palette and mix water into it. Be careful not to dilute too much as it will become runny. Take the brush, dip into the paint and use it to draw stripes all over the mug.

Striped Mugs

7. Chalkboard Mug

You will need a white mug, chalkboard paint and masking tape. Take the mug and cover the upper portion all over with masking tape, leaving the bottom part free. Use chalkboard paint to cover the bottom in all black. Let it dry. Remove the tape and you can see a nice contrasting pattern of black and white. You can also choose to paint the upper part in a nice color. The bottom can be used to put a message or image of your choice.

Chalkboard Mug