10 Cool White Gravel Decorative Ideas

White Gravel Decorative Ideas

If you are looking out for handy and cheap indoor outdoor decorative ideas then white gravels are the one for you. This Gravels come in various sizes and shapes and they look stunning. You can use them in multiple ways you will get gravel stones, poweder, shredded gravels, coral gravels, or pebbles. Many colors options are available in these cute stones but white is the best one to pick as it gets easily blend with any kind of environment and white color makes your dull corner bright. Best part is they remain white without any maintenance.

Here You Can Find 1o Cool White Gravel Decorative Ideas:

1. Gravel Walk For Your Garden:

You can use landscape your garden walk with crushed gravels. On the sides, you have nice green plants or flower plants and at the center, you can create a path that is filled with white crushed gravels. It will definitely look stunning.

Gravel Walk For Your Garden

2. Gravel Stones In Your Indoor Planters:

It is a wonderful idea to add gravel stones on the top of the soil of your planter it looks beautiful plus they also holds the dust while you water the plant. Gravels keep the soil moist and plant requires less water. These white gravels look great on bonsai and succulent planters. With so many benefits and beautiful outcome I love placing the white gravels in my indoor plants.

Gravel Stones In Your Indoor Planters

3. Gravel Stones In Aquariums:

If you love fish tanks then adding up few decorations in I your tank will make them picture perfect. Fish tank gravel is one of the best ideas of fish tank decoration and adding plants and some toys will make your tank perfect for your fishes. Gravels will not only add beauty but also filter your water and you will not have to change it frequently. They also give home to good bacteria’s that eliminate food waste in your tank.

Gravel Stones In Aquariums

4. Edge Your Water Pond With White Gravel:

if you have a garden with pond you can highlight it using white gravels. Simply make a nice boundary of white gravels surrounding your pond. You can use large size gravels or crushed white gravels whatever satisfies your creativity buds.

Edge Your Water Pond With White Gravel

5. Edge Your Tree With White Gravels:

you have a huge tree in the center of your garden or at your back yard. You can circularly edge your tree edge it with gravels. You can also make a wooden seat surrounding your tree circular or square and top them with gravels covering it with unbreakable glass top.

Edge Your Tree With White Gravels

6. Gravels In Your Plants Bed:

You have planter beds in your garden just top it up with the gravels you can also edge your planters with gravels. Combination of white gravels surrounded by green plants is just perfect sight that looks elegant and beautiful. Unlike expensive marble pebbles gravels are cheap and they come in different variety. You can also make gravel planters by creating gravel wall on the edge they look great.

Gravels In Your Plants Bed

7. Patio With Gravel:

you can create a beautiful patio under the shade of any big tree edge it up with small heighted spiral brick wall and instead of grass use white gravel to fill up your entire floor with white gravels till the edges of wall. If you are using a brick wall you can use it to plant succulents or create candle stands on it. You can do both things too.

Patio With Gravel

8. Garden Steps With Gravels:

you can create steps in your garden using wooden boxes. Fill these boxes till edge with anything easily available near you like sand and top them with a thick layer of crushed with gravel. On the sides of the steps keep small plants or hang planters on the side walls of the steps. Wood plus white gravels and green plants make a superb color and texture combination and they add a astounding beauty to your garden unfoundedly.

Garden Steps With Gravels

9. Indoor Center Table With Gravel:

Instead of using plain wooden, glass or metallic tables you can fill your table top with white gravels and give it some nice lighting effect from beneath. Or you can also use a corner tables made of glass box style and fill them with layer of gravels and light them up it will make your corner look bright and elegant. If you have a space beneath your indoor steps and you want to make it bright use these tables or fill layer white gravels beneath your steps. It will brighten up automatically.

Indoor Center Table With Gravel

10. Decorate Your Tortoise Table With Gravels:

If you have a pet tortoise and you have made a nice table house for your pet then you can add it up to its beauty by adding a layer of white gravels in it. These gravels will not only add on to the decorative of your tortoise house but will also protect your wood from decaying and your tortoise will love walking on this rough surface as it will give him more grip.

 Decorate Your Tortoise Table With Gravels