10 Cool Industrial Dining Rooms And Zones

Dining Rooms And Zones

There are themes for a dining room that may consist of peace or romantic, but then there are also people that exist who would love to have their dining room in an industrial theme. Upcycled wood, bricks, concrete and the metal furniture, something that you don’t see so often but would suit this particular theme. Now there is something that goes hand in hand, that this theme will not suit the places that with soft interiors thereby making masculine interiors must before considering it. If you are creative enough, the mixture of other themes will also do, such as countryside and industrial. Let us see some of the ways by which you can design your dining room with parts that will fall in the industrial zone as

They Are Described Below As The Following:

1. Metal Chairs

Metal chairs are one of the most seen ingredients of this sort. The industries are sure of not having a lot of wooden furniture as it would be only meant for the people of upper casts. These days the metal chair designs have gone too wide and if choosing this style, the verities can come handy for the same.

Metal Chairs

2. Blackboard

Not that you will be studying from it, but there were blackboards in the industries near the tables itself to direct the workers as to what their directions for work are or any sort of announcement if to be made. Thus having a blackboard near the table will suit the theme and make it in an industrial zone.


3. Boards And Signs

Very similar to the above mentioned point, boards and hoardings stating the name of the factory or industry can also be put up on the wall. Near the table, having such a board will remind others what personality you hold because the name of the manufacturing product will describe a lot about you.

Boards And Signs

4. Hanging Lumps

In the older days, the industries always had hanging lamps (even though the light wasn’t a lot). Having similar kind of ideas can be placed on table as well. The table when seated upon for eating will be the first to flash in front because of the light up straight on it.

 Hanging Lumps

5. Wooden Or Stone Table

The industries did not possess fancy looking dining tables back then. If you really want to have a zone that matches an industry, remember to keep the table plain and nothing more than that. W plain and simple wooden table or a table made of concrete or cement is likely to come under such categories.

Wooden Or Stone Table

6. Clock

There used to be a short duration or a break when the lunch was served to the workers. They were very particular about the timings and to solve their issues related to the same (since everyone couldn’t afford a watch) a huge clock was somewhere or the other present nearby. Having alike clock on the wall near the table will give you the exact feeling from the past (not that you are a laborer). Having an old looking clock will just do it well enough for you.


7. Bricks

Now that it was mentioned in the beginning that bricks form the part and parcel of such a theme, having it nearby the table would suit it best. As simple as it gets, all you have to do is have a wall behind made of bricks and painted to match it like old times or just left alone to give its natural look.


8. Steel Lockers

Steal lockers because firstly they were made of steel back then as they were placed out in the open so that any wear and tear wouldn’t affect them a lot, secondly because the workers always kept their tools or clothes in them before sitting on for the meal.

Steel Lockers

9. Stools

Not every industrial zone had chairs be it steel or wooden. They had some stools fixed to the earth that would serve the purpose for sitting. This really looks cool and gives the place a whole lot new feeling. These are the types of sitting that you often see in pubs or drinking areas, but once present in the industries also, it served both purposes i.e. for eating and drinking.


10. Graffiti

Most of the workers were always rebels and aggressive. Thus the walls never ever really stayed clean and thus there were always something written on it by paint of sprays. Have something similar to the wall near the dining table as it would portray the older times from a working place.