10 Charming Shared Girl Bedrooms To Get Inspired

 Girl Bedrooms To Get Inspired

Girls might seem to quarrel amongst themselves and hold grudge bt when it comes to staying together in a single room things are not that bad and in case you are planning to shift in a single room with your friend or you are a proud parent of girls and want to specially design their room, you have come to just the right place.
Where the most important aspect here is the planning part where you need to plan out the area where the beds will be and the place where the study area or the dressing area would be and indeed the dressing table and the wardrobes as well. While bunk beds are a great idea if the space is a constraint in the room, check out the various charming and lovable shared girls bedroom to get inspired and plan yours in a similar manner to be loved by your daughters or your roomie!

Some Of The Charming Shared Girl’sbedrooms To Get Inspired Are Discussed Below.

1. Marilyn Monroe Anyone

This room oozes feminity to the next level with the interiors done in white and pink and the beds are placed at the corner side and the sitting furs are just complimenting the room to a great extent. However the catch here is the paintings of the fashion icon and powerful woman figure Marilyn Monroe which gives this place a definition no one can deny.

Marilyn Monroe Anyone

2. Simplistic Shared Room Décor

Who says that a design or interior to stand out it has to be extra special? Take a look at this simply designed room with jute seating and the white walls and furnishings just adds to the glow in the room. The floral bed linens and the flooring just add to the girly zeal into this girls bedroom.

 Simplistic Shared Room Décor

3. An Open Ceiling Room Idea

A low ceiling with an open window at the top is perhaps one of the most intriguing things in this shared girls room design! The beds made in white and the wall décor in colours and the variedly shaped cushions in pastel shades just increase the style quotient of this place for sure! However do not miss out on the small pink stools which are as girly as ever!

 An Open Ceiling Room Idea

4. Shared Girl’s Room- Bunker Style

This is perhaps the simplest way in which you can create a great space for the girls in your house and you will see how the fights get over in a jiffy. This bunker style bed is just perfect for a small room, coupled with side racks, and a purple rug on the floor for the playfulness in the girls! The colourful cushions are a welcome addition!

Shared Girl’s Room- Bunker Style

5. Purple Splendour

Girls rooms does not always need to be characterised by pink hue but the same thing and much more can also be accomplished with a light mauve and purple interiors just like this one! The two beds kept next to each other with lovely purple hued curtains which accentuates the bed stand as well makes this room stand apart. The mauve rug is as well accentuating the look!

Purple Splendour

7. The Playful Room Idea

This one speaks loud of playfulness and everything else that a girl’s room should be like! No such trace of pink once more, this one is made up in the hues of white and a nice blue green shade and the wall is adorned with the first letter of the occupants of each bed which is indeed special and sweet. The bed linen is all made up in floral motifs and hues and this is a grand idea for sure.

The Playful Room Idea

8. A Triple Shared Room Design Idea!

This speaks of three beds kept side by side with side tables spacing them apart. Everything is same here other than the bed linen colours and the walls in sky blue and the simplistic décor makes this room stand apart. The small stools help in keeping things and sitting for a chit chat and don’t miss out on the side table lamps!

A Triple Shared Room Design Idea!

9. Different Bunker Bed Room Idea

This is kind of bunker bed in a shared room but instead of beds in both the bunks this one uses the concept to create study tables at the bottom and the top makes the beds instead. A great idea for not so spacious rooms!! The interior in blue and pink steals the show.

Different Bunker Bed Room Idea

10. The Modern Shared Room Idea

This is a modern day deigned room which is all filled with paintings, laptop tables, a swing and beds which are slightly in a modern day look which all make this perfect for elder girls to share their life in!

The Modern Shared Room Idea

11. The Artistic Room Deign

This is for the room of girls who are indeed in love with art where instead of bought art samples you can adorn the room with their own made pictures all over and see the difference it creates to the overall ambience! Make their love the epitome of their rooms and they would thank you like never before!

The Artistic Room Deign