10 Beautiful Bedroom Color Schemes

Colors are all around us, and perhaps they hold a certain impact on us regarding how we feel when we are surrounded by those colors. Looking at colors can make us feel happy at times, and what more you need when you are able to find a right color combination for the space where you live. Here are some of the color schemes for one’s bedroom, which they can use in order to beautify it:

Beautiful Bedroom Color Schemes

1. Yellow Metal With Snowflake:

Comes in a category of warm tones, the use of yellow metal color along with snowflake color on the other three walls of the bedroom, can certainly lift one’s mood up and make them feel lively.

Yellow Metal With Snowflake

2. Classic Blue Along A Bay Breeze:

Known as a ocean color, you can get the classic blue color on the back wall of your bed. Having the back wall painted in a classic blue color-wash texture, while other three walls popping a calmer bay breeze color, you certainly got a calm bedroom for yourself.

Classic Blue Along A Bay Breeze

3. Rose Meadow On A Grape Delight:

The use of metallic texture called ‘Dapple’ over a rose meadow color on the back wall of the bed, while the grape delight color rests on the other walls of the room, the combination itself won’t look less than a delight to one’s eyes.

Rose meadow on a Grape delight

4. Smoke Grey And Sesame Seed:

Paint the feature wall with smoke grey color and rest three with sesame seed. Over the feature wall you can add certain designs to make it look different yet amazing. You can try a ‘butterfly’ design of a sesame seed color over the smoke grey painted feature wall.

Smoke Grey And Sesame Seed

5. Caspian Sea With Off White:

While the color Caspian sea comes in a category of purple color range and is attributed to be something spiritual and thoughtful, the use of this color, along with off white on the other walls won’t be a bad thought if you go on and try this combination.

Caspian sea with Off white

6. Sky Blue And White:

As white presents purity, peace and intellect, one can try painting all the walls of their bedroom in white, while painting the ceiling with a sky blue color. Seriously, you just don’t know how amazing your room would look.

Sky blue and White

7. Harvest Season With Sweet Corn:

The color harvest season comes under the color zone green, and with green being a great color for bedroom and also a calming cool color, this color along with a sweet corn color on the rest three walls, for sure is a beautiful color scheme for one’s bedroom.

Harvest season with Sweet corn

8. Silver Blush Along A Pearly Pink:

To make your room look more beautiful, you can add a glitter effect on the sliver blush color as you coat the feature wall with it, while the rest three walls stay coated in a pearly pink color.

Silver blush along a Pearly pink

9. Orange Crown And Fresh Fuel:

Use this color schemes by painting the two walls in orange crown color, while other two with a fresh fuel color. This combination would certainly give a fresh feeling to your room.

Orange crown and Fresh fuel

10. Dark Brown With Oak Leaf:

The color brown, being regarded as a grounding color and known for its use in various shades throughout the home, can be used in the bedroom over the feature wall, while other walls stay coated with the oak leaf color.

Dark brown with Oak leaf