10 Basement Storage Ideas And Organizing Tips

 Ideas And Organizing Tips

An organised basement can give you the opportunity to store more things and utilise the free space for a clean look. Smart basement storage ideas can reorganise the basement to keep more free space in the area. If your basement is clumsy and unplanned then it can take more time searching for a particular thing. Stuffs can be damaged and moreover your basement will look like a scrap area rather than the basement. To help you to organise the basement we are going to provide you some shrewd basement storage ideas with organising tips.

10 Basement Storage Ideas And Organizing Tips

1. Classify The Mess

The thumb rule of organising a place is to categorise the things. Eliminate what you don’t need any more. Keep those things in the basement which are still can be used. Make four classifications of items, like, storing in the basement, donating, selling, recycling and throwing away. It will make your work easier and increase the storage space for important items. Yes, of course, reducing is not an easy thing to do.

Classify The Mess

2. Hardy Deep Shelves

To keep plastic storage bins and baskets on the shelves brings sturdy deep shelves which can reach near the ceiling. The height and deep shelves will give you more storage space. You can buy iron shelves or wooden shelves which you can colour time to time for maintaining. Don’t place any heavy bins or basket above 5 feet height to avoid any kind of injury when you are getting down anything.

Hardy Deep Shelves

3. Use Labels

Labelling is a ‘must- do’ thing when you are arranging your basement. Otherwise, you will face a major problem to find a simple item. Attach a label in each storage boxes, bins and shelves. It will take lesser time to find an important item. To add some colour to your basement you can use coloured papers for labelling.

Use Labels

4. Space Under The Stairs

Most of us don’t like to use the space under the staircase. But it can be a very good area for storage. You can build a storage closet or place a built-in shelves or some drawers. You can store many small items over here down the basement stairs. You can keep it open or make a door. But utilise the full space. You can use the storage area to keep out-of the season clothes, or you can store food cans.

Space Under The Stairs

5. Wire Storage On Walls

If you have some space where you can’t place any shelves for plumbing or electrical issues then make wire storage. This way your space will be utilised as a storage area and it can be easily removed. Take three wires and attaché it with six iron hooks on the wall. Make the wire storage near the floor. Arrange all your long items like, gardening stuffs, cricket bat, baseball bat, long rods.

Wire Storage On Walls


6. Closet Rods Between Floor Joists

It is a usual problem to store out-of the-season clothes in the wardrobe. Why not keep it in the basement? Attach closet rods between floor joists and hang your clothes on the rods. Use garment bags or trash bags to cover the clothes. This way you will keep all garments in good condition in a nice closet space. You can also cover the closet space with a curtain to make the basement space more clear and beautiful.

Closet Rods Between Floor Joists

7. Customise Your Ceiling

Don’t waste any free space where you can make storage space and it can help to clear the basement. Make an overhang framing by woods or iron rods. Place baskets on the frame. You can set any items in these baskets or else set a wooden slave or ply and then place boxes or items on the that slave. Use a folded stair to reach the overhang frame.

Customise Your Ceiling

8. Set The Locker

Arrange a locker in a corner of the basement where you can keep your personal belongs, like seasonal stuffs, small important items etc. Ensure that every member of the family even your kid gets a locker to keep personal items. This way you will able to save space from your bedroom, study room and wardrobe.

Set The Locker

9. Wall Storage

Not only shelves but think beyond will be a clever idea. You can arrange wall storage space by hanging magnetic arrangements for tools, wire racks or panels for tools and sewing materials. This way you can set many loose items and you can use the free space on the wall. Don’t hang anything which can look odd.

 Wall Storage

10. Cubbies

The cubbies are the great choice in terms of storage. You can build your own cubbies. Later you can rearrange the space as you need. It comes in different colours and sizes. Select one which is perfect for you.