10 Awesome Pop-Art And Art-Deco London Apartment

Art-Deco London Apartment

When you are decorating an apartment it should speak about your taste. The apartment in London has an extra charm and it deserve to be decorated with art- deco and pop-art. Every corner of the room should be decorated with colourful furniture, amazing style and concept. The Apartment itself will be a piece of art work. Use crazy colours, writing, and designs for making it a beautiful place for living.

Let’s Have A Look At A Few Things Where You Can Concentrate To Make The Apartment More Cozy And Artistic.

1. Artistic Drawing Room

The drawing room is the place which creates an impression in the guest’s mind. So, it must be decorated with art- deco and pop- art. Like Place a sofa in front of the wall with lots of colourful and pattern design cushions, the wall must be in dark colour like black and hang different kinds of paintings. Arrange two to three modern, stylish chairs beside the sofa. The furniture should be modern and stylish.

Artistic Drawing Room

2. Corner Decor

The corner of the room is one of the important areas of the room. Most of the people decorate it with a corner bookshelf and it is an easy way to escape from any creativity. Well, how about setting up a David half bust statue in the corner who have some modern touch? Well you can complete the corner with an old fashioned chair. Even write something amazing on the chair as well to make it more appropriate for the corner.


3. Vibrant Drawing Room

This drawing room is like a colourful palette. Two sofa sets are there with absolutely different colours. The paintings are pact with colours and the floor rug is also very vibrant. These accessories change the version of the white sophisticated room. The colours change the look of the entire room with its charm.

Vibrant Drawing Room

4. A Fine Dining

An old style dining table is just perfect with two gorgeous chandeliers. It is the combination of old and new style. To complement the furniture add wooden chest on the side of the wall and a dark patterned wall.

A Fine Dining

5. Pictured Wall Speaks

You love the vibrant pop-art then you must have this wall. A wall dedicated to colours, pictures and pattern which can emphasise on your vibrant charming personality. Moreover, it is the love for Marilyn Monroe. It is the perfect wall décor one can ever think of.

Pictured Wall Speaks

6. Living Wall

Do you love to see London at night? You can bring the charming night of London in your home. How about placing a giant wall paper? Well, it will add a happening touch at your London apartment as if you are sitting on the dining table in a high rise building that can show you the happening night of London. Arrange a small and modern dining set up just beside the wall.

 Living Wall

7. Bedroom- A Soft Touch

The Bedroom is something that you love the most. What if you personified this place? Write something that expresses love for your spouse. It may be some common phrase or something which directly come from your heart. The sophisticated bedroom furniture with some personified message can offer you a wonderful feeling that you can cherish with your loved one.

Bedroom- A Soft Touch

8. Modern Kitchen With Art Work

Colour combination has a wonderful effect. Give your modern kitchen a black and white look, black wall with white cabinet. Put photo frames, wine bottles on the top of the upper cabinet to make it more artistic. You can place vibrant colour alphabet, or some colourful vase for decoration. Take the help of half bust statue. Just put all those things on the top of the cabinet which can look creative and innovative. The kitchen must look something better than the kitchen. It never looks boring.

Modern Kitchen With Art Work

9. Chalkboard Wall

This concept is new but totally happening. Set a giant chalkboard on a wall in your living room or dining room or at home office. It can give a live touch to your room. You can write messages for your family or you can write a nice line of John Keat’s poem. Well, it can be your independent live message box which will also enhance the look of the room. Just perfect art décor for a London apartment, right?

Chalkboard Wall

10. Picture Tile Wall

Do you love to collect comic books? Don’t worry you don’t need to collect it but it has to be collected at your wall. Dedicate an entire wall for various black and white outline pictures just like comic books. It will upgrade the look of the room. You can select this wall design for the living room or dining room to be more creative.

Picture Tile Wall