10 Awesome Household Cleaning Uses Of Vinegar

10 Awesome Household Cleaning Uses Of Vinegar

Vinegar is quite a familiar ingredient which is easily found in kitchens. Apart from cooking, this inexpensive product can be used to clean, deodorize and disinfect your home. The vinegar used for cleaning purpose is white vinegar or distilled white vinegar or full-strength vinegar and is different from the vinegar which is available for cooking purposes.

Read Below 10 Awesome Household Cleaning Uses Of Vinegar:

1. Removes Sticky Residue:

Removing sticky residue is probably one of the best life hacks of using vinegar. We often witness sticky, adhesive residue remaining on the objects, when we pull off stickers from them. The stickiness that leaves behind is annoying and does not go away easily. Simply rub some vinegar on the glue for 1-2 minutes and wipe. The sticky residue would have gone away. Similarly, to get rid off a chewing gum from clothes, pour warm vinegar on it.

Removes Sticky Residue

2. Clears Drain:

Clogged drains are one of the commonest problems we witness in daily lives. If commercially available drainers are not handy, do not worry. Mix half a cup of both – baking soda as well as vinegar. Pour it in the clogged drain. You will see that the mixture will foam as it cleans and deodorizes the drain. Clean it by pouring tap water and your drain will be clear.

Clears Drain


3. Cleans Microwave:

Most households prefer using a damp cloth to clean microwaves which is mostly ineffective. A better way of cleaning microwave is with the help of vinegar. Take water and vinegar in equal proportion and microwave it for 4 minutes. Now carefully take out the bowl with oven gloves and you will notice that the steam generated would have melted all the grease inside the microwave. Now nicely wipe and clean the microwave with a microfiber cloth.

 Cleans Microwave

4. Deodorizes And Softens Fabrics:

We often find that some fragrances still linger in our fabric, even after it is washed. Vinegar can completely neutralize this odor. All you have to do is that, while washing your clothes, add half a cup of white distilled vinegar. This will not only get rid off the pungent smell, but also soften the fabric.

 Deodorizes And Softens Fabrics

5. Cleans Glasses:

Be it your glass lenses, car windows or home windows, vinegar can keep it all clean. Mix vinegar and water in equal quantities and spray it on the glass which you want to clean and then wipe dry. Vinegar, being acidic in nature, will remove all the dirt, grease and stain and make your glass crystal clean. Spraying vinegar on car windows also helps to avoid frosty glass.

Cleans Glasses

6. Keeps Kitchen Clean:

Kitchen is the place where our food is prepared and hence it is very important to keep it clean and disinfected in order to avoid spreading of germs and diseases. All the kitchen essentials such as cutting/ chopping boards, dishes, pots, utensils, knives, scissors, garbage cans, scissors, counters, sinks, etc. can be kept clean with the help of vinegar. Spray the solution of white vinegar and water on the surface of these items and allow it to sit for 10-15 minutes. Wipe with a clean paper towel and get your kitchen shining again.

Keeps Kitchen Clean

7. Cleans Greasy Dishes:

Cleaning tea/coffee stains, grease and stubborn marks from utensils is often a tough task. To get your utensils shining again, simply soak these dirty vessels in vinegar, diluted with water, for about 15 minutes. Then give it a nice scrub with a soft sponge to remove the grease and wash it under the tap water. If required, you can also add one teaspoon of baking soda for better results.

Cleans Greasy Dishes

8. Refreshes Bathroom Tools:

All our bathroom essential tools such as razor blades, loofas, tongue cleaners, metal soap-cases, pumice stones and others need cleaning too. Add vinegar and water in equal quantity in a bucket and soak all these bathroom tools for about an hour. Then rinse them under tap water and allow it to dry. You will be happy to see that all the water marks, soap residue, grease, moisture and other odors would have gone away.

Refreshes Bathroom Tools

9. Cleans Furniture:

Vinegar is a wonderful cleaning agent for hardwood floors and wooden furniture, which not only removes dirt but also maintains their luster and shine. Simply add white vinegar to water in 1:3 proportions and use this solution for flawless floors and furniture.

Cleans Furniture

10. Eliminates Smelly Odors:

Garbage cans, dust bins and kitchen appliances such as refrigerators often give out foul odors which smell disgusting. To get away with it, simply put a piece of bread dipped in vinegar and it will absorb all dirty odors. Try it to believe it.

Eliminates Smelly Odors

Vinegar, indeed, is an excellent multi-purpose product which can make life far easier with these simple life hacks.