10 Amazing Ideas To Upcycle Leftover Fabric Scraps

Amazing Ideas To Upcycle Leftover Fabric Scraps

Some of us do the sewing in our home and some go to the tailor for the stitching of our clothes, but in both the cases, our whole clothes is not in use, there are some of the scraps always left behind, we sometime throw them, but these fabric scraps can be used in many ways, you can make many creative things by using the fabric scraps.

Here Are Some Of The Amazing Ideas To Upcycle Leftover Fabric Scraps:

1. Case For The Phone-

If you have a big scrap of your cloth, so you can make the beautiful case for your phone, all you need to warp the cloth around the phone and then stitch the edges with the make color of threads, leave one end open, you can make a hole and attach a key ring also, your phone case is ready.

Case For The Phone

2. 3D Flower To The Pillow-

If you have many scarps of the different sizes, then you can add extra comfort to your pillow also, need to take the pillow, cut the scraps in the flower shape and then follow the shape patter by reducing the size of it, now fix all the flower shape in the pyramid shape and stitch the base to the pillow, you 3D flower pillow is ready.

3D Flower To The Pillow

3. Camera Fabric Scrap Strap-

Camera strap is most important part of the camera and it easily get damaged also, but you can make the camera straps by the fabric scraps also, you need to measure the dimensions of the camera straps and then stitch the fabric scraps accordingly, you can also many designer scraps also to make it more beautiful.

Camera Fabric Scrap Strap

4. Bookmark By Fabric Scraps-

If you are a book lover, then always add a bookmark to the last read page, but bookmark are made up of the paper and can be damaged easily, but we can make the bookmarks of the cloth as they can be used for the longer period and you have different colors also to mark out the important page of your book.


 Bookmark By Fabric Scraps

5. Fabric Scraps Rings For Napkins-

We all have the napkins in our home and they are so soft and delegate, as we open one packet of the napkins, then it is not easy to manage the napkins, so we need to tie the napkins by the rings, fabric scraps can be best option for this, we can make a strap of the fabric, stitch a button on it , add one small strap to the end and make the rings of the napkins.

 Fabric Scraps Rings For Napkins

6. Goggles Case-

Goggles are so expensive and we should always keep it inside the case, but sometime our case can be lost or damaged, so it is hard to handle the goggle, as there are chances of scratches on it, we can use the fabric scraps for this purpose, you need to wrap the scrap on the goggles loosely and the sew the edges and leave the one end open.

Goggles Case

7. Bed Frame By The Fabric Scraps-

We have beautiful bed with the iron pipes, we have beautiful paint and designs on it, but the paint of any area is damaged or if there are any scratches to the paint, then the whole bed is not looking good, but we can use the fabric clothes to it, we just wrap the pieces of the clothes of different colors to the frame and if any part is damaged, then we can easily repair it also.

Bed Frame By The Fabric Scraps

8. Key Chains By Fabric Scraps-

We all need the key chains to our house to secure our keys, we can also use the key chain as a decorative item, we can take the fabric cloth, cut it into any design, we can stitch buttons on it and we add the key roll in it and our key chain is ready.

Key Chains By Fabric Scraps

9. Baby Blanket By The Fabric Scraps-

If you have a new born baby, then you need to cover it up with the blanket, but we need to change the blanket daily, to maintain the hygiene level of the area, sometimes we cannot afford these blankets, so we can the big fabric scraps, cut them in squares and then stitch them together to get the baby blanket.

 Baby Blanket By The Fabric Scraps

10. Embedded To The Cloth-

Our clothes are so expensive and sometime, just because of a small hole, we don’t use it, but we can hide these holes by embedded beautiful things on it by using the fabric scraps, we can make butterfly, we can make Pokemon and any other things, then we stitch it on the cloth or glued it on the area.

Embedded To The Cloth